Web Was Created So Everyone Had A Voice


Years ago when the web was created in the 1990s there was a goal that everyone who had a voice could air it on the web.  Back in the day, any and everyone had a voice.  It’s not that way anymore.

We all know the names of the people in question: Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and there are others I’m sure.  It seems to have gone on a little further, even affecting local news media when a person wants to voice his or her opinion and it’s either edited out or doesn’t appear at all.

Back in the 1990s very few people used online services, but today it seems that everyone uses them, or has used them in the past.  But today, it’s a different story.  Big tech doesn’t want people to voice their opinions unless they are in line with theirs.  In the end, John Q. Public is being censored as to what he says and to whom.

A few years ago, I wrote a letter to the editor entitled, “the biggest bomb ever dropped on America is a thought bomb.”  Big tech has come to the conclusion that they can control society, politics, religion, and people in general by controlling what is and not published in the paper.  That even affects us here in Hillsboro.

It’s sad to think that big tech’s capabilities are allowed to develop unchecked and unregulated.  The most frightening thing right now is that they also have the power to suppress the truth from us, who live in this so-called free nation.

The world wide web at its inception was meant to liberate us and expose us to all manner of information, but now they have over reached their bounds.  The big question for us today is, “how are we going to take it back?”


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