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50 roasters across the US: A guide to coffee in every state

Homegrounds researched notable coffee roasters in the U.S. and listed ones you can't afford to miss in all 50 states.
A brief history of the Cold War
Using a variety of historical and news sources, Stacker compiled the most significant events that transpired during the Cold … Read More
From Polaroids to Instant Pots: Every year's must-have shopping fad since 1973
CouponBirds compiled a list of must-have shopping fads over the past 50 years. Read More
Who actually invented the lightbulb—and the illuminating history of modern lighting
LED Lighting Supply looked at the history of electric lighting, from early incandescent lightbulbs to LED technology. Read More
The deadliest accidental explosions ever recorded
Stacker compiled information from historical archives, accident reports, and country records to find some of the most deadly … Read More
Parachuting to Mars: Safe Exploration of the Red Planet
(BPT) - Two years ago, NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed on Mars, an aerospace feat helping prepare the mystery planet for … Read More
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How educational games have evolved over time
Best Universities compiled a list of how different kinds of digital games for teaching students have evolved over time, from The … Read More
States with the most hate crimes
Stacker investigated the states where the most hate crimes take place using the FBI's 2019 Hate Crime Statistics. Read More
A brief history of the shoes and moments that defined sneaker culture
Stacker took a deep dive into the histories of some game-changing shoes to see why the world continues to obsess over these sneaks. Read More
States with the highest rate of people killed by police
Stacker cited data from the Washington Post's Fatal Force Database to look at the rate of fatal police shootings per state in the … Read More
Here are some key health policies that will and will not change with the COVID-19 public health emergency's end
Stacker identified some of the major health policies that will be affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency's end. Read More
From flintlock muskets to AR-15s: A history of guns in America
Stacker compiled 10 key moments in the development of firearm technology throughout U.S. history. Read More
States that drafted the most men in World War II
Stacker analyzed data quantifying draft numbers during World War II from multiple sources, such as historical Census data and the … Read More
Men are 3 times as likely as women to bike in the US. Here's how the demographics of cyclists break down
Using data from a study published in Transport Reviews, Velotric broke down the gender demographics of cycling around the … Read More