6 surprising insights for parents of college-bound students

(BPT) - As we move into 2023, many students will choose which college they’ll attend in the fall. For parents, there are plenty of questions and concerns about the college process, especially …

Physician Anesthesiologists Ensure the Highest-Quality Care for Our Nation’s Veterans

(BPT) - Nine out of 10 Americans agree: the nation’s Veterans deserve nothing less than the highest-quality health care. Yet a proposal by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) risks …
Hilary Duff Gives the Inside Scoop on How to Build a New Baby’s Wardrobe

(BPT) - As a mom of three, Carter’s Chief Mom Officer Hilary Duff knows a thing or two about how to navigate shopping for your baby and how to style them for every season and every …

California’s New Flavored Tobacco Law Will Save Kids’ Lives

 (NAPSI)—As a parent, researcher, and professor of adolescent medicine at Stanford University, I know first-hand how important it is to keep vapes out of the hands …

School Choice is Opening Doors for Students

Parents across the country are seriously rethinking what they and their children need when it comes to K-12 education. From considering switching to new schools to using …

How to Help Children Build a Growth Mindset

(Family Features) A new year is a perfect time to consider the habits you want to keep and the ones you'd like to develop. Consider these tips to help your children resolve to develop a growth mindset this year.

Bikeable neighborhoods in not-so-bike-friendly cities

Velotric drew from WalkScore data to rank U.S. neighborhoods that are far more bikeable than the cities they're part of might suggest.

The prenatal guide for the role of nutrition in your feeding decisions

(BPT) - You’ve just gotten the news – you’re going to be a parent! As you start researching what is to come, you realize there are countless choices to be made – including …

5 Ideas to Infuse Fun into the Family Routine This Winter

(BPT) - As we enter a new year during the cold, dark months of winter, it’s easy for anyone to lose their spark. It can be especially challenging to motivate your kids after a long holiday …

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