Make the season jolly and bright with these 5 gift-worthy books

(BPT) - With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start making a list and checking it twice to ensure all your loved ones receive a thoughtful gift. This year, take the worry out of …

BookTrib's Bites: From Celebrations of Love to Revenge Stories

(NewsUSA) - We Never Knew of Darkness by Dennis SnyderIn April 1994, Hutu extremists—known as the Interahamwe —assassinated Rwanda's president and embarked on a campaign of ruthless genocide …

Autistic Air-Crash Investigator, Unexpected Heroine, Sets Tone for Lauded Political Technothrillers

(NewsUSA) - He’s written more than 70 books and is drawing heavy praise for his recurring female protagonist, an autistic who made herself into a genius air-crash investigator. In Miranda Chase, …

Booktrib's Bites: Four Reads to Kick Off Autumn

(NewsUSA) - Henderson House by Caren Simpson McVickerAn enchanting boardinghouse tale of sisters, secrets, and later-in-life romance, Henderson House invites readers to pull up a rocking chair and …

Inside the book-ban machine: The rise of 'parental rights' groups and their efforts to ban books

As attempts to ban books intensify, Stacker explored how organized efforts have enabled broader challenges at U.S. libraries and schools.

Booktrib's Bites: From Dark Romance to Political Commentary

(NewsUSA) -  Captivated by Jessica RookerQuinton Starks is a vain, self-absorbed, philandering playboy and company president whose life is work, partying, and one-night stands. He treats women as …

Booktrib's Bites: Murder, Treasure and Beekeeping

(NewsUSA) - Echo From a Bayou by J. Luke BenneckeMurder. Treasure. A supernatural twist. In this latest work from a multi-award-winning author, John Bastian is plunged into a dangerous journey to …

THE LAST PROFESSIONAL – Another Potential Classic in America’s Literary Landscape

(NewsUSA) - It’s been said that Ed Davis has done for American railroads what Jack Kerouac did for American highways and John Steinbeck did for American nomads. Lofty comparisons indeed.And it’s …

Help Toys for Tots Turn the Page on Illiteracy

(NewsUSA) - The Marine Toys for Tots Literacy Program announces a new literacy initiative, “Operation Turn the Page,” that will equip children across the United States with the tools they need …

Booktrib's Bites: Four Captivating Reads

(NewsUSA) - Running with the President by August Martin Jr.Democracy is under attack, militant extremist groups unleash chaos upon the American people, and conspiracy theories are mistaken for …
The Book Page
An Essential Guide to the Modern Economy for Citizens and Policymakers
(NewsUSA) - "Richard Vague is a rare combination of scholar, practitioner, and communicator. In The Paradox of Debt, he provides an … Read More
Booktrib's Bites: Four Fascinating Reads
(NewsUSA) - Radical Business by David GainesDo you have, work for, or dream of starting a business or organization that positively … Read More
Betrayed by a Mole in the KGB, Now the CIA Suspects Him of Double-Crossing
(NewsUSA) - He has been praised by some of the top thriller writers in the business. His work has been compared to that of John le … Read More
BookBites: Four Gripping Summer Reads
(NewsUSA) - Esperanza: The Graphic Novel by Andrew Daily. Step into the world of Esperanza, a mysterious, dystopian city struggling … Read More
Summer Reading
(NAPSI)—A daring new novel called SOLIMEOS by Rhoda Lerman, a critically-acclaimed author who passed away in 2015, imagines what … Read More
BookBites: A Modern Fable About Preparing for Your Future
(NewsUSA) - Within fiction lies the seeds of powerful transformation and inspiration. Some of the most inspirational guidebooks are … Read More
Fantastic Ideas Can Win Fantastic Prizes
(NAPSI)—The newest and most exciting voices of science fiction and fantasy have been found by the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers … Read More
Great Historical Fiction Can Illuminate Life Today
(NAPSI)—“If you want to know what happened, read history books. If you want to understand what happened, read historical … Read More
An Intense New Novel About Family, Fashion, Business, and Books
(NAPSI)­­—A fourth-generation retailer, author Martin Sneider started as a shoe salesman and rose to president, co-CEO, and chief … Read More
Something New For Florida Science Classrooms
(NAPSI)—For students to learn best, their resources need to be tailored to them. That means by both learning standards—such as the … Read More
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