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Cities with the most singles 65 and over

Because Market used data from the 2021 American Community Survey five-year estimates to determine which U.S. cities have the most singles over 65.  

Calling All Bearded Men Who Do Good, While Looking Good

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Access-Friendly Sliding Doors Create Pathways to Easier Living

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Best county to retire in every state

Stacker looks at the best county to retire in every state according to Niche's 2020 ratings. Some factors that determined the rankings include cost of living, crime rate, and population over the age of 65.
News for Seniors

Eisai Is Pioneering Alzheimer’s Research and Working to Improve the Experience of People Living with the Disease

(BPT) - Sponsored by Eisai Inc.Understanding Alzheimer’s diseaseDementia — a term that encompasses a group of disorders that can affect memory, language, and thinking — can have …

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Got retinal disease? Retina specialists’ unique imaging tools can help preserve vision

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Protect Yourself from Medicare Scams

(Family Features) Anyone on Medicare is at risk of Medicare-related fraud, and the Medicare program continues to warn people to watch out for scammers who steal Medicare Numbers and other personal information to exploit beneficiaries' benefits.

Four Ways to Save on Celebrations this Season

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Supporting seniors in the ‘new normal’: Tips for combating social isolation and loneliness

(BPT) - For many Americans, life today feels typical — we’re back in school, returning to the office and are enjoying our hobbies and social lives. Connecting in-person with friends and …

10 walkable cities popular with seniors

Because Market ranked 10 cities for their walkability and populations aged 65 and older, citing data from Walkscore and the Census Bureau.