Refund/Cancellation Policy

Ads may be cancelled with additional fee, however, no refunds will be issued after deadline of first publication. 
Advertisers should check their classified ad the first day of publication. Adjustment for the errors is limited to the cost of the portion of the ad in which the error occurred in the first day’s insertion.
 All ads accepted subject to publisher approval with right of cancellation reserved.

Subscribers may cancel their Journal-News subscription at any time. A refund will be provided for the remaining time left on the subscription as determined by the Journal-News Circulation Department.

Delivery Methods/Timing

Phone/In Office Deadlines for publication - 
12pm noon – Wednesday for Thursday edition

5 p.m. - Friday for Monday edition

Email and Fax Deadlines for publication - 
11pm noon – Wednesday for Thursday edition

4 p.m. - Friday for Monday edition

Subscriptions to the Journal-News are delivered via the United States Postal Service to the postal address provided at the time of subscribing. The Journal-News will be delivered for the subscription term selected, either 2 days a week, or 1 day a week (combination Monday & Thursday mailed combined paper.)