Voters Make Decisions On Local Officeholders


Voters in Montgomery County decided who would represent them at city halls, township sheds, school district unit offices, and other offices during the consolidated election on Tuesday, April 6.

One race that wasn’t resolved, however, was a three-way contest for mayor of Witt.  Shawn Cady and Tim Taylor tied with 75 votes each.  According to Montgomery County Clerk Sandy Leitheiser, the law allows until April 20 for legally cast mail votes to arrive; 14 are still out, but none of those are Witt residents.  Candidates then have five days after the official vote canvas to request a discovery recount.  If that doesn’t resolve the tie, the next mayor will be determined by lottery.

According to unofficial vote totals, 24.04 percent of the county’s 16,786 registered voters cast ballots in the consolidated election.

In contested mayoral races, voters elected Steve Dougherty as mayor of Litchfield, Mike Holliday as mayor of Nokomis, Pam Short as village president of Donnellson, Harry Jackson as village president of Taylor Springs, and Ronald Seaton as village president of Waggoner.

Voters also settled contested races in eight of the county’s 18 townships, in the Hillsboro School District, Litchfield Library District, and approved a cemetery tax in Nokomis Township.

In the Hillsboro School District, voters selected John Lentz, Nathan Kirby, and Kassie Greenwood.  Due to state statutes restricting the number of board members to no more than three from any one congressional township, only two of the candidates from Hillsboro Township could win.

Montgomery County results follow; unofficial winners are marked with an asterisk.

Hillsboro Mayor

Don Downs* 591

Litchfield Mayor

Dwayne Gerl 578

Steven Dougherty* 592

Litchfield City Clerk

Carol Burke* 1,007

Litchfield Alderman Ward 1

Marilyn Sisson* 181

Litchfield Alderman Ward 2

Mark Brown* 194

Litchfield Alderman Ward 3

Kassidy Paine* 21

Litchfield Alderman Ward 4

Ray Kellenberger* 335

Nokomis Mayor

Jake Leonard 26

Michael Holliday* 185

Nokomis Commissioner

Louis Stauder* 198

Witt Mayor

Shawn Cady 75

James VanOstran 47

Timothy Taylor 75

Witt City Clerk

Nancy Hughes* 103

Gail Bradshaw 85

Witt Treasurer

Sonia Hodson* 164

Witt Alderman Ward 1

Lyn Cady* 28

John Bauerle 16

Witt Alderman Ward 1 (2-Year)

Catherine Cady* 27

Randall Lowe 15

Witt Alderman Ward 2

Kaitlin Govaia* 44

Witt Alderman Ward 2 (2-Year)

Timothy Oller* 41

Witt Alderman Ward 3

Jay Martin* 56

Cody Cox 33

Witt Alderman Ward 3 (2-Year)

David Cearlock* 72

Coffeen Commissioner

Susan Middleton* 37

Butler Village President

Rickey Lane* 21

Butler Village Trustee (3)

Darrell Damm Jr.* 15

Debra Beeler* 20

Rachel Cunningham* 17

Coalton Village President

Mike Havera* 38

Coalton Village Clerk

Kay Cook* 36

Coalton Village Trustee (3)

Mary Speier* 35

Donnellson Village President

Pamella Short* 31

John Dankoski 21

Donnellson Village Trustee (3)

Kenneth Buckingham* 35

Marjorie Joan Tate* 24

Tyler Tarran* 34

Barydon Mason 18

Elvira Rowe 16

Farmersville Village President

Douglas Orr* 62

Farmersville Trustee (3)

Phillip Fuchs* 57

Tabetha Pritchard* 52

Susan Aherin* 60

Fillmore Village President

Rexdon Boliard* 23

Fillmore Village Trustee (2)

John Casterline* 21

Brittany Marshall* 20

Fillmore Trustee (2-Year)

Gavin Paradee* 22

Harvel Village President

Cathie Downey* 6

Harvel Village Trustee (3)

David Yard* 4

Ronald Bergschneider* 7

Irving Village Trustee (3)

Kenda Caulk* 27

Carl Taylor* 21

Aaron McCarty* 23

Ohlman Village President

Jackie Rakers* 14

Ohlman Village Trustee (3)

Jason Klein* 15

Panama Village President

Joseph McCario* 19

Panama Village Trustee (3)

Mike Knebel* 16

Marvin Miller* 16

Douglas Martin* 18

Panama Trustee (2-Year)

Amy Mattox* 24

Raymond Village President

Dennis Held* 78

Raymond Village Trustee (3)

Bruce Poggenpohl* 54

Matt Workman* 77

Kendall Snyder* 21

Raymond Trustee (2-Year)

Greg Bernhardt* 77

Schram City Village President

Albert Oberle* 62

Schram City Village Clerk

Janet Stewart* 60

Schram City Trustee (3)

Kelvin Stewart* 49

Jerry Woods* 45

Dalton King* 42

Taylor Springs Village Pres

Michael Gonzalez 33

Harry Jackson* 92

Taylor Springs Trustee (3)

Elwin Saathoff* 91

Linda Marsh* 69

Patty Rufus* 68

Waggoner Village President

Ronald Eliason 20

Ronald Seaton* 22

Waggoner Village Trustee (3)

Angela Dyer* 26

Billie Robinette* 20

Cheryl Pope* 25

Waggoner Trustee (2-Year)

Dennis Cook 18

Mark Taylor* 20

Walshville Village President

Myrna McDonald* 10

Walshville Village Trustee (3)

Ricky McDonald* 10

Gary Applegate* 10

George Guinn* 5

Wenonah Village Trustee (3)

Matt Bolyard 0

Tamara Waggoner 0

Audubon Twp Supervisor

Helen Archibald (R)* 53

Audubon Twp Clerk

Jacqueline Rakers (R)* 51

Audubon Twp

Highway Commissioner

Dennis Pease (D)* 38

Jeremy Eller (I) 16

Audubon Twp Trustee (4)

Charles Graden (R)* 43

Kenneth German (R)* 39

Connie Marley (D)* 33

Robert Burrus (D)* 34

Bois D’Arc Twp Supervisor

Robert Wagahoff (D)* 81

Bois D’Arc Twp Clerk

Meredith Yard (D)* 76

Bois D’Arc Twp

Highway Commissioner

David Stieren (R)* 83

Bois D’Arc Twp Trustee (4)

Rory Rossi (D)* 63

Elizabeth Brown (D)* 73

John Welsh (D)* 66

Jonathan Yard (D)* 58

Tom Elmore (R) 36

Butler Grove Twp Supervisor

Scott Niehaus (D)* 92

Butler Grove Twp Clerk

Stephanie Keiser (R)* 107

Butler Grove Twp

Highway Commissioner

Rickey Lane (D)* 94

Butler Grove Twp Trustee (4)

Paul Shepherd (R)* 96

Robert Adams (D)* 77

Kendra Lane (D)* 69

Brian Laurent (D)* 58

East Fork Twp Supervisor

Penny Harbert (D)* 195

East Fork Twp Clerk

Mary Bone (D)* 212

East Fork Twp

Highway Commissioner

Stephen Voyles (D)* 199

East Fork Twp Trustee (4)

Donald Huber (D)* 149

Scott Snow (D)* 138

Jake Blankenship (D)* 151

Andrew Theriac (D)* 157

Fillmore Twp Supervisor

Scot Usher (D)* 61

Fillmore Twp Clerk

Jeanna Lorton (D)* 63

Fillmore Twp

Highway Commissioner

Brent Harrison (D)* 65

Fillmore Twp Trustee (4)

Kenneth Smith (D)* 47

Wade Moore (D)* 60

Braunda Hopwood (R)* 53

Debbie Davidson (R)* 57

Grisham Twp Supervisor

Phyllis Volkmar (D)* 107

Grisham Twp Clerk

Donna Luck (D)* 114

Grisham Twp

Highway Commissioner

Tom Chappelear (D) 55

Rowdy Luck (I)* 84

Grisham Twp Trustee (4)

Jim Carroll (D)* 68

Trent Laughlin (D)* 79

John Chappelear (D) 61

Michael Laughlin (D)* 79

Charles Logsdon (I)* 83

Harvel Twp Supervisor

David Leonard (D)* 25

Harvel Twp Clerk

Sharon Funderburk (D)* 25

Harvel Twp

Highway Commissioner

Robert Matli (D)* 26

Harvel Twp Trustee (4)

Mary Jane Krager (D)* 22

Sharon Lyons (D)* 22

Mark Meisner (R)* 24

Timothy Lebeck (I)* 26

Hillsboro Twp Supervisor

David Loucks (D)* 701

Hillsboro Twp Clerk

Donald Hamby (D)* 686

Hillsboro Twp Assessor

Miles Harris (D)* 652

Hillsboro Twp

Highway Commissioner

Ethan Murzynski (R)* 606

Lynn Kurfiss (D) 306

Hillsboro Twp Trustee (4)

Mark Hughes (R)* 546

Bart Paden (R)* 482

James Holliday (R)* 475

Jim Moore (D) 315

Brad Green (D) 278

Jennifer Anderson (D)* 373

Sally McCoy (D) 355

Taylor Cullison (I) 259

Irving Twp Supervisor

Randy Singler (D)* 101

Irving Twp Clerk

Tori Bennington (D)* 94

Irving Twp

Highway Commissioner

Shawn Murray (I)* 109

Irving Twp Trustee (4)

Phil Speiser (R)* 87

Kent Tuetken (R)* 101

Larry Reincke (D)* 82

Marion Murray (D)* 64

Nokomis Twp Supervisor

Brenda Matthews (D)* 254

Nokomis Twp Clerk

Deborah Chumley (D)* 249

Nokomis Twp

Highway Commissioner

James Washburn 18

Phil Bailey* 133

Nokomis Twp Trustee (4)

Pat Epley (D)* 190

John Bauer (D)* 168

Daryl Keiser (R)* 225

Roger Battles (R)* 230

N Litchfield Twp Supervisor

Mary Werries (R)* 698

N Litchfield Twp Clerk

Christy Johnson (R)* 683

N Litchfield Twp Assessor

Thomas Baker (R)* 684

N Litchfield Twp

Highway Commissioner

Daniel Peters (R)* 705

N Litchfield Twp Trustee (4)

Mary Beth Taylor (R)* 568

Larry Pezold (R)* 676

Jeff Thornton (R)* 561

David Helgen (R)* 575

Pitman Twp Supervisor

Marla Hitchings (D)* 78

Pitman Twp Clerk

Leanne Farrar (D)* 53

Susan Fuchs Holt (R) 35

Pitman Twp

Highway Commissioner

Adam Waldeck (R)* 73

Pitman Twp Trustee (4)

Ken Gerlach (R)* 63

Glenn Rovey (R)* 65

Charles Travis Matthews (I)* 58

Chad Daniel Millburg (I)* 66

Raymond Twp Supervisor

David Mulch (R)* 99

Raymond Twp Clerk

Shelly Crawford (D)* 104

Raymond Twp

Highway Commissioner

Kenneth Mondhink (D)* 110

Raymond Twp Trustee (4)

Larry Wernsing (R)* 76

Michael Riggs (D)* 91

Pamela Lanter (D)* 73

William Held (D)* 90

Darrell Pitchford (D) 68

Rountree Twp Supervisor

Kenneth Folkerts (R)* 22

Rountree Twp Clerk

Michael Franzen (D)* 20

Rountree Twp

Highway Commissioner

Jadrien DeWerff (R)* 21

Rountee Twp Trustee (4)

Kristopher Reynolds (D)* 18

Michael Hand (D)* 18

Bradley Cachera (R)* 20

Mark Schweizer (R)* 20

S Litchfield Twp Supervisor

Tami Jett Burdell (I)* 309

Katie Flitz (I) 203

S Litchfield Twp Clerk

Stella Turner (I)* 262

Paula Miller (I) 245

S Litchfield Twp

Highway Commissioner

Jason Flitz (I) 240

Richard Wendel (I)* 278

S Litchfield Twp Trustee (4)

Louis Taylor (I)* 285

Dustin Ellinger (I)* 334

Steve Heyen (I)* 352

Todd Bergman (I)* 345

Walshville Twp Supervisor

Eric Barnsback (R)* 21

Walshville Twp Clerk

Teresa Pezold (R)* 22

Walshville Twp

Highway Commissioner

Kenny Pezold (R)* 19

Walshville Twp Trustee (4)

Andrew Miller (R)* 14

Charles Roche (R)* 15

David Eilert (R)* 16

Freddy Wesson (R)* 15

Witt Twp Supervisor

Joseph Lowe (D)* 169

Witt Twp Clerk

Carol Durbin (D)* 170

Witt Twp 

Highway Commissioner

Gary Yeske (I)* 184

Witt Twp Trustee (4)

Russell Ulrici (D)* 142

Roger Miller (D)* 139

Bernard Hand (D)* 104

Michael Cheek (D)* 85

Zanesville Twp Supervisor

Randi Riemann (R)* 25

Zanesville Twp Clerk

Jessica Armentrout (I)* 26

Zanesville Twp

Highway Commissioner

Dennis Rosenthal (R)* 25

Zanesville Twp Trustee (4)

James Littrell (D)* 21

William Beeler (D)* 19

Jeff Hampton (R)* 22

Melvin Wempen Jr. (R)* 23

Bois D’Arc, Harvel, Pitman,

Zanesville Assessor

Dorothy Marshall (D)* 195

Litchfield Park District (4)

Robert Corrado* 674

Sherry Bergschneider* 622

Brian Kulick* 543

Jeff Heyen* 826

Litchfield Park (2-Year)

Shane Grammer* 919

Nokomis Park District (3)

Edward Hassebrock Jr.* 185

Tyler Batty* 229

Brandon Andrews* 165

Pitman Park District

Marla Hitchings* 77


Library District (3)

Carol Rovey* 141

Kathryn Elvidge* 129

Cheryl Hampton* 142

Hillsboro Library District (2)

Nancy Slepicka* 1,188

Terry Trader* 22

Litchfield Library District (2)

Barbara Ellis* 698

Chris Dahler 395

Mark York* 819

Nokomis Twp Library (2)

Allison Maretti* 235

Lisa Billingsley* 232

Nokomis Twp Library (4-Year)

Christine Ukena* 232

Witt Twp Library District (2)

Barbara Golitko* 156

Connie Miller* 151

Hillsboro School Board (3)

John Lentz* 1,080

Nathan Kirby* 1,156

Barbara Mulch 400

Kyle Putnam 944

Kassie Greenwood* 504

Litchfield School Board (3)

Ron Anglin* 866

Julie Abel* 936

Gregg Hires* 832

Nokomis School Board (4)

Denny Bauman* 310

Steven Janssen* 285

Carl Fesser* 294

Carl Kettelkamp* 286

Panhandle School Board (3)

Gabe Pope* 269

Scott Cowdrey* 233

Nokomis Twp Cemetery Tax

Yes* 157

No 129


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