Report COVID Positve Percentages, Also


I would like to suggest that the reporting of Montgomery County COVID test results should include not only the positive results, but also the negative results and the percentage positive.  Two of the three of these are easily attainable on the Montgomery County Health Department website.

To date (Aug. 9) 176 positive tests and 7,452 negative tests are reported.  As we know, an increase in COVID testing will logically result in an increase of both positive and negative results.  If you want to correctly analyze COVID activity, you need to have all the facts.

For instance, Montgomery County currently reports 176 positive results.  If there had been only 1,000 tests performed, our positive rate would be 17.6 percent which is extremely high.  Fortunately, that is not the case.  Montgomery County has 7,628 test results (176 positive plus 7,452 negative).  This gives us a rate of 2.31 percent which happens to be a lower rate than we had in June before we moved into Phase 4.

When we understand that the percent of positive tests is shrinking, we can be hopeful knowing we are moving in the right direction.  To publish only the increase in the number of positive tests without providing all the data instills fear and uncertainty as the reader only sees the number of positive cases going up, but not the percentage of cases going down.


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