Is This The Way We Want Witt To Look?


My name is Shawn Cady and I’m running for the mayor of the city of Witt.  I’m a graduate of Witt High School and retired from Taylorville Correctional Center.

I have lived in Witt most of my life and have many fond memories of our town.  We had a town that worked together and supported our businesses and organizations and the functions which they provided.  Our town was clean, and everyone took pride in their properties and neighborhoods.  I can remember the people in Witt always lending a helping hand within the city when needed, and neighbors treated each other as family.

Yes, we all know that we have a lot of problems in our town, as do many small towns around us.  We have aging water and sewer lines and roads that are in desperate need of repair.  I believe that with the help of the citizens, city council and the mayor, we will be able to start addressing these problems through grants and lower income loans which will enable us to make a better way of life for ourselves and family for generations to come.

The most complaints I’m hearing from the citizens of Witt are the conditions of the town and neighborhoods within the city.  It’s not right for the taxpayers of our town to have individuals come into town and trash up their properties and our neighborhoods that we live in.  Letting this happen is lowering our property values and at the same time, the people who take care of their properties keep getting penalized by higher property taxes.  How can we expect anyone or any business to want to move into our community with the shape it’s in?

I hope you’re like me and tired of this and tired of every time I complain, all I hear is “our ordinances are old and probably wouldn’t hold up in court.”  Then it’s time that we update these ordinances so we can enforce them.

I’m asking you the taxpayers to please take a drive around your town and ask yourself, “is this the way I want my town to look?  Would my parents and grandparents approve of the shape of this town, and would my children and grandkids be proud to call Witt their hometown?”  It’s not the town I grew up in.

I’m hoping you will give me a chance to work with you and for you to help clean up our town.  It’s going to take you and the city council and a mayor who cares to make a difference.


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