Help Thank Fair Crew For Their Extra Work


Thank you, thank you, Montgomery County Fair Board personnel.

Yes, a big thank you is in order to certain members of the Montgomery County Fair who recently donated their saws and time to trim the trees at the Montgomery County 4-H Park.

As some of you may know, the county fair mows all of the Montgomery County 4-H grounds and has for the past several years, because at fair time the county fair utilizes the 4-H grounds for livestock shows and the carnival staff have trailers that need parking.  However, trimming and cutting down rotten trees is beyond the normal duties; a lawn mower driver can only take so much of getting swatted by tree limbs before something must be done.

Therefore, I thought it would be nice to let Montgomery County residents know–and especially those interested in benefits that kids derive from being in 4-H–to show some appreciation to those men and women who donate their time and their transportation expense to keep the 4-H grounds looking great.  Stop and think how many times the grass has to be mowed, and presently about 97 percent of the time spent is done by Dave Eickhoff, Matt Miller, and Dean Bishop.

So I wondered if some of you residents of Montgomery County would be willing to send gift cards from our county merchants to the Montgomery County Fair, c/o Marti Benning, the current fair board president, addressed to Montgomery County Fair, PO Box 182, 300 Water St., Butler, IL 62015.  I’m sure the volunteers on the mowing crew would appreciate your kindness.

It’s up to you to show your appreciation.  I was a drive-by observer and know the volunteers.


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