Central Park Volunteers Kick Off New Campaign


Imagine Hillsboro’s Reinventing Central Park Committee has launched an online subscription drive to help bring in funding for their large-scale renovation of Central Park in Hillsboro.

The online fundraiser asks potential patrons to make a recurring donation of $10, each month for a year. Patrons of the project are encouraged to sign up online at www.imaginehillsboro.com/donate. Donations will be automatically debited from the donor’s account and deposited into the account of the Imagine Hillsboro committee of their choice. The Reinventing Central Park Committee is issuing a good natured challenge, encouraging the public to be in the first 1,000 sponsors to sign up.

“We have been working behind the scenes for the last year, but the pandemic has taken a toll on our fundraising goals,” said Reinventing Central Park Committee Chair Brian Limbaugh. “We were discussing ways we could safely get back to fundraising and the subscription drive felt like a great fit. My wife, Anna, and I make a similar donation to PBS. The monthly amount is so nominal that we barely even notice it is gone and it helps support programming that we love and that we want others to have access to as well. Central Park’s Subscription Drive will function in the same way. For barely more than the price of a latte you can sign up to make a recurring donation that will help create a beautiful public space that will benefit the community for decades.”

The Reinventing Central Park Committee’s vision to reinvigorate the long-abandoned city space hinges on an inclusive playground, purposefully designed to be a space where all children, regardless of differing needs, will be able to interact and engage with each other. 

The plan for the play area includes slides, climbing areas, interactive panels, monkey bars, a wheelchair ramp, saddle spinner and a three-panel sensory wall. As well as a seven-place swing set with two multi-user swings, two full bucket seats, two ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant swings and one friendship swing. In a nod to Central Park’s recent past, the committee plans to renovate the  old ball field into a wiffle ball and kick ball diamond. While the fields will no longer be used for organized games, the committee wants to redevelop the area as a place for neighborhood kids to play pick-up games.

Renovations will also include infrastructure, such as, trees, sidewalks, benches, fences, amenities and parking lots, as well as, beautification details like landscaping and signage. Long-term goals include installing a splash-pad at the park.

“Our vision is for Central Park to once again be a hub in the community but one that is intentionally designed to include all members of the community,especially those with additional needs who are often overlooked,” Kendra Wright, committee member and head of the city’s Natural Resources Committee explained. “We want Central Park to reflect Hillsboro’s spirit of inclusivity. With that in mind, our goal is for this to truly be a community driven and funded project.”

Funding for the project is broken down into three phases; Phase I is the playground, Phase II is the ball diamond, trails and pavilion, and Phase III is the splash pad.

The Reinventing Central Park Committee began fundraising for the park project, which is estimated to cost upwards of $360,000, in the fall of 2019. Past fundraisers included selling specially designed Central Park T-shirts and a duck race through the creek that runs through the Central Park. The committee also has coin cans out at various businesses within the city.


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