Armbrusters Hope To Add To Family


“Every child needs a home,” said Mindi Armbruster of Taylor Springs about her family’s journey to adopt. 

Mindi and her husband, Luke, began their adoption story earlier this year after three miscarriages in the past several years.

The couple, who have been married for 15 years, have two children, Clara, age 14, and Leland, age ten.

“Several years after Leland came along, we were ready to expand our family,” Mindi said. “Quite a few years have passed consumed with heartache in our attempt to do this.”

After their third miscarriage, which came in the second trimester, the couple mourned a daughter they named Maradyth. 

“After this, Luke said, ‘Enough is enough. We can’t keep going through this,’” Mindi said. 

And adoption began weighing on Mindi’s heart. Slowly but surely, Luke came around to the idea too, and the couple began praying and researching their options.

At first, they explored the possibility of foster children in hopes of adopting.

“We decided that fostering was probably not our journey because of the risk of possibly having to give a child back,” Mindi said.

They began to explore other adoption avenues, but soon found the average cost runs $38,000 to $48,000. They are working with the Baptist Children’s Home in Mt. Vernon and Christian Adoption Counselors to help them navigate this journey.

Mindi added that having a consultant agency helps in the wait time, although it does add to the expense of the process. She said that the typical wait for an infant is two to three years, but could be as little as ten months with the help of an agency.

And although a global pandemic is a tough time to start fundraising, the family has already begun working to raise the funds for adoption.

“We are so excited to get this process started,” Mindi said. “We know what an amazing community we live in and I’ve already shed happy tears of thankfulness for the outpouring of love we’ve already been shown.”

Around Easter, the family hosted three fundraisers, including a “Faith Can Move Mountains” T-shirt promotion, a cookie sale and an Easter egg event, raising just over $2,500, which is enough to get started with the background checks and home study approval. Up next, the family is working to raise $5,000 to help cover the costs of the consulting agency.

They are currently hosting Mindi’s favorite fundraiser, which involves a jigsaw puzzle. Community members are invited to “purchase” a puzzle piece for $20. The Armbrusters will then write the name of the donors on the back of the piece. Once the puzzle is complete, it will hang in the baby’s room.

“We want he or she to know how much they were loved before they even came here,” Mindi said. “And we want them to know who had a part in helping to bring them to us.”

Donations may be mailed to Luke and Mindi Armbruster, P.O. Box 145, Taylor Springs, IL 62089. Payment is also accepted by Venmo and PayPal, and anyone interested can contact the family for more information.

“God truly felt this was our calling,” Mindi said. “He placed us on our journey, and everything that has happened had led us toward adoption. We will continue to just breathe and take things one step at a time, because we know that faith can move mountains.”


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