A GRACE FILLED JOURNEY • ‘Rebooting’ The Holiday Memories


I’m a sucker for a reboot or a reunion of some of my favorite television shows.

You should ask how many streaming services we have. It’s several, and it’s largely, so I can catch up on where my favorite characters are now.

We picked up Peacock last year, which is NBC’s streaming service, so I could watch the reboot of Saved By the Bell. That one kind of works in my favor, because most people assume we have Peacock so Kyle can watch Premier League Soccer. Sometimes, I let people believe that too.

Earlier this spring, we picked up HBOMax on my birthday so I could watch the much-talked about Friends reunion show. It was worth every single minute. And I didn’t even cry that much!

I’ve also watched the reboot of Punky Brewster and Doogie Houser and am looking forward to the reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If we still had cable TV, I’m sure I would be catching up on The Wonder Years too.

These shows have a way of bringing back such fond memories of some of my favorite characters. And whether they’re actually any good or not never really seems to matter. I just enjoy the nostalgia of simpler times and fond memories of characters that stayed with me as I grew up.

This holiday season, we managed to pick up a couple of reboot movies that have been especially near and dear to my heart.

Disney+ dropped a new Home Alone movie, Home Sweet Home Alone in early November. We are big fans of St. Louis native Ellie Kemper, and enjoyed her antics as one of the burglars.

The original Home Alone movies were definitely favorites in my house growing up, and I try not to let a holiday season go by without giving them a watch or two. I’ve already seen them a couple of times this year, despite Charley’s pleas not to watch any more Home Alone movies ever. Maybe she’ll come around.

This weekend I definitely got my fix for nostalgia, when Kyle took me on a date night to see the new Ghostbusters:Afterlife movie. It was everything I could have hoped for and more.

I got to see them revisit some familiar stories with a new twist and see all my favorite characters. They even paid tribute to the late Harold Ramis, who played Egon in the first two movies.

I laughed, I cried and enjoyed the memories the movie evoked.

I kind of figure that’s how I’ll get through this holiday season. It’s been six months since we lost Grace, and for me, the holidays are often harder than other days.

I do better when I get caught up in the day-to-day routine of life, like taking Charley to school, writing stories for the paper and keeping busy at home.

But the holidays are hard.  It’s a pause from the normal routine, and it’s definitely evident there’s a place missing from our table.

I thought about “running away” somewhere for Christmas, just not to be at home. But in the end, we decided Christmas would be hard without Grace whether we were in Hillsboro or outer space, and we opted to embrace the holiday season together.

Kind of like my old movies and television shows, I have so many wonderful memories of celebrating the holidays with Grace. We always decorated the tree together, and her dad helped her put the angel on top. We always attend church together on Christmas Eve and open presents on Christmas morning.

None of those things will change this year. And even though it will be hard making new memories without her, we will hold tight to the memories we were blessed to make in nine and a half years.


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