Wins Make WFO Trip A Pleasant One


The season is winding down for the WFO Promotion Hare Scramble Series, with just three events in November left on the schedule.

The ninth stop on the series was on Sunday, Sept. 19, in Mt. Pleasant, IA, with several area racers making the trip north, including four who came home with wins.

Cooper Duff of Donnellson took first in the 51-65cc class, completing four laps in 54.08. Ryan Komor also picked up a win, completing four laps in 104.05 to top the 201cc-Open C class.

The other two wins came from a father and son, Darold and Collin Johnson. Darold Johnson won the Senior 40+ B class, edging Brandon Frizzo of Mt. Olive, while Collin Johnson won the 85cc-Open B class, running five laps in 113.58.

In the other adult classes, Michael Robinson of Carlinville was second in Vet 30+ B, Ken Matway of Gillespie was sixth in Masters 60+ and Jim Komor of Litchfield and Craig Reed of Standard City finished eighth and ninth in the Senior 40+ C class.

In the youth ranks, Carlinville’s Colt Rosentreter was third in the 0-51cc class and 10th in the 51-65cc Beginner class, while brother Ty Rosentreter was eighth in the 0-51cc class. Mt. Olive’s Jake Frizzo rounded out the area entries, finishing third in the 65-85cc class.

The final three events of the WFO season will be on Nov. 13 and 14 in Geneseo, and Nov. 21, in Keithsburg.

Sept. 19 at Mt. Pleasant, IA

WFO Hare Scrambles

0-51cc (4-6): 8. Ty Rosentreter (Carlinville)

0-51cc (7-8): 3. Colt Rosentreter (Carlinville)

51-65cc Beginner (7-11): 10. Colt Rosentreter (Carlinville)

51-65cc (7-11): 1. Cooper Duff (Donnellson) 54.08, 4 laps

65-85cc (9-15): 3. Jake Frizzo (Mt. Olive) 46.31, 3 laps

85cc-Open B: 1. Collin Johnson (Gillespie) 113.58, 5 laps

Vet 30+ B: 2. Michael Robinson (Carlinville) 105.18, 4 laps

Senior 40+ B: 1. Darold Johnson (Gillespie) 105.07, 4 laps; 2. Brandon Frizzo (Mt. Olive) 106.26, 4 laps

Masters 60+: 6. Ken Matway (Gillespie) 118.24, 4 laps

201cc-Open C: 1. Ryan Komor (Litchfield) 104.05, 4 laps

Senior 40+ C: 8. Jim Komor (Litchfield) 104.12, 3 laps; 9. Craig Reed (Standard City) 126.57, 3 laps


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