Wilhelm’s Credentials Outshine Opponent


I’m writing a letter in support of Chase Wilhelm for state representative. His credentials alone outshine that of his opponent.  

Chase is a SLU graduate, a veteran of the Army, as well as a former journeyman laborer. Meeting him you can tell he genuinely wants to make the 95th district the best it can be.  

His opponent isn’t a bad person by any means; she just isn’t the best candidate on the ballot.  Her voting record is what troubles me.  She was vocally against SB1, the equitable school funding bill that would help schools everywhere in her district.  While she tried to take a victory lap once a different bill was passed, the educational community does not forget the long struggle leading up to it. 

She voted against the bill that would cap how much insulin would cost, something that impacts many of her constituents.  

The one that hits home with me the most was when she voted against the bill that would end lunch shaming in Illinois.  Lunch shaming is when schools can offer an alternative meal, humiliate students with a hand stamp, or even deny food altogether if a student has an outstanding balance.  Kids were caught in the middle of what should have been an adult issue.  

Lastly, I implore all voters to go to illinoissunshine.org and see where the candidates are getting their money from in all races.  This will paint you a better picture of where their allegiances may lie.   


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