Why Did Party Run Three Candidates?


I have served the public for 40 years, first as an Illinois State Trooper for 30 years, and then as an elected official on the Montgomery County Board for another 10 years.  In addition, I was an EMT for eight years with the Nokomis/Witt Ambulance Service.

Helping people has been my life’s work.  The county board is no exception.  However, I have three questions of concern for the Republican Party.

1. Why did the Montgomery County Republican Party run three candidates on the primary ballot when only two could be elected? I asked this very question on the phone and got the flippant reply, “I heard a rumor that you were not running.”  Decisions based on rumors are not acceptable.  No one contacted me to clear up this so-called rumor.

2. Why wasn’t I allowed on the Montgomery County Republican Party’s agenda at the monthly meeting?  I requested to be on the agenda for July and then again for August.  Both months I was told that they were too busy to fit me in.

3. Finally, why would the Republican Party, which I have always been loyal to, have leadership that does not communicate, believes rumors, and appear to be doing things that others are not privy to?

I try to be honest and have integrity.  I do not believe it is too much to ask for the same integrity of our party officials in Montgomery County.


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