Why Assume Other Party Will Take Up Arms?


While some people are content with Biden their time, I am not one of those.  

If you don’t get your news from Steven Colbert, the View, CNN, and a host of other Chinese funded “news” organizations, you might be aware of what is actually occurring with the Presidential election of 2020.  What is currently happening doesn’t just reelect President Donald J. Trump, it also affects the future of the freedom we hold so dear.  Open your eyes and think just where your party loyalty will undoubtingly take you.  To ignore four huge ballot-dumps in the wee hours of the morning is un-American.

Why do those who tend to vote for Democrats assume that some other party is going to take up arms against the USA? Which party do you think backs Antifa and other anarchist organizations?  Antifa and the like are burning down our cities, tearing down public monuments, and terrifying innocent people.  Tell one of the Antifa or similar types that you are a Conservative, a Libertarian, or a Republican and they will violently attack you, tell them you are a Democrat and they will welcome you with open arms.  It isn’t Trump supporters marching against our Country, those marchers are Biden supporters.

Because I consider myself a regular citizen I do not have to accept a lie as truth, as granted by God above and protected by the United States Constitution.


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