White Picks Up Win In Fly Racing Series


Ty White beat out 17 other riders to take first place in the Open Beginner class at the Fly Racing Showdown Series event at Lincoln Trail Motorsports in Casey on Sunday, July 25.

Consistency was key for White, who finished second and third in the two motos to beat Austin Metz of Saint Jacob, who finished first and fourth to take the runner-up spot.

White was one of 29 entries from the Journal-News Motorsports area to compete in Casey. While he was the only winner, several other racers also had good days at Lincoln Trail.

On the adult side, Anthony Krivi of Nokomis took second in both the 25+ A and 30+ A classes, with Adam Wright of Hillsboro finishing fourth in the latter. Litchfield’s Chris Short (eighth) and Derek Birkenkamp (12th) also raced in the 30+ A division.

In the C class, Kevin Young (Litchfield) finished 13th in 250cc C, while Ryan Petroski (Irving) was 11th in the Open C race. Edgar Lewis of Girard (2nd in 250cc B and 13th in Schoolboy 2) and Gerald Harrison, Jr. of Morrisonville (4th in 40+ B/C) rounded out the adult ranks with a pair of top fives.

In the youth races, Corbin Durbin of Morrisonville had one of the top finishes, taking third in the 85cc Open (9-15) class, while also finishing seventh in the 85cc Junior (9-11) class. Trenton Kimbro of Taylor Springs finished 29th in 85cc Open, one of three classes he raced in as he also finished 11th in 85cc senior (12-15) and 17th in Super Mini (12-16).

Several other young racers also competed in multiple classes. Hillsboro’s Holden Wright took a top 10 in 50cc Pee Wee (4-8) with a sixth place finish and also placed 17th in 50cc Junior (4-6). Huntley Durbin, also of Hillsboro, was 14th in the 50cc junior and seventh in Mini-E (4-8).

Litchfield’s Grayson Short was 10th in the Mini-E class and 15th in the 50cc Pee Wee, while Hudson Wright was 11th in 65cc Junior (7-9) and 27th in the 65cc Open (7-11) class.

The Bone brothers, Camron and Hank, competed in three classes, with Hank taking 12th in 50cc Shaft/Shifter Beginner (4-8) and Camron placing 10th in 65cc Junior and 24th in 65cc Open.

Morrisonville’s Lana Harrison and Callen Harrison rounded out the field with a third place finish in the 65cc Girls (7-11) class and a 42nd place finish in the 65cc Junior (7-9) class respectively.

The next Fly Racing Showdown Series event is Sunday, Aug. 29, the Ironman National, at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, IN.

July 25 at Casey

Fly Racing Showdown Series at Lincoln Trail

65cc Girls (7-11): 3. Lana Harrison (Morrisonville)

50cc Shaft/Shifter Beginner (4-8): 12. Hank Bone (Litchfield)

50cc Pee Wee (4-8): 6. Holden Wright (Hillsboro); 15. Grayson Short (Litchfield)

50cc Junior (4-6): 14. Huntley Durbin (Hillsboro); 17. Holden Wright (Hillsboro)

Mini-E (4-8): 7. Huntley Durbin (Hillsboro); 10. Grayson Short (Litchfield)

65cc Junior (7-9): 10. Camron Bone (Litchfield); 11. Hudson Wright (Hillsboro); 42. Callen Harrison (Morrisonville)

65cc Open (7-11): 24. Camron Bone (Litchfield); 27. Hudson Wright (Hillsboro)

85cc Junior (9-11): 7. Corbin Durbin (Morrisonville)

85cc Senior (12-15): 11. Trenton Kimbro (Taylor Springs)

85cc Open (9-15): 3. Corbin Durbin (Morrisonville); 29. Trenton Kimbro (Taylor Springs)

Super Mini (12-16): 17. Trenton Kimbro (Taylor Springs)

Schoolboy 2 (12-17): 13. Edgar Lewis (Girard)

25+ A: 2. Anthony Krivi (Nokomis)

30+ A: 2. Anthony Krivi (Nokomis); 4. Adam Wright (Hillsboro); 8. Chris Short (Litchfield); 12. Derek Birkenkamp (Litchfield)

40+ B/C: 4. Gerald Harrison, Jr. (Morrisonville)

250cc B: 2. Edgar Lewis (Girard)

250cc C: 13. Kevin Young (Litchfield)

Open C: 11. Ryan Petroski (Irving)

Open Beginner: 1. Ty White (Taylor Springs)


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