Welcome Home, Vietnam Veterans


Congress signed National Vietnam Veterans Day into law under the Vietnam War Veterans Act of 2017.

March 29 signifies the date the last American combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam. This day is now officially etched on the calendar.

This law gives many Vietnam veterans a chance to receive the recognition we didn't get when we came home.

This is part of the speech I gave on Vietnam Veterans Day 2012.  It tells it all.

~ ~ ~

The most common greeting you hear from two Vietnam veterans is “welcome home.”

Did you ever wonder why?

The reason behind this is that no one else would give us a simple “welcome home.”

The men and women who were in Vietnam have a bond. We not only lived it for a year, we have lived it for 40 plus years!

We did what we were told to do, just like any other veteran in any other war, but yet upon our return, we were called names and spit upon.

This was wrong.

We received no parades, no waving flags and most importantly the respect and honor that we deserved.

This day has been long overdue for us. 

Maybe today, we are starting to help right a wrong. Maybe today, we have helped bring closure to one veteran, and maybe today, we can start to move forward with our lives. 

The worst thing that can happen to a Vietnam veteran is to be forgotten.

Walk tall, be proud. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We are heroes too!

To the brothers and sisters who are here with us today, and the ones that are here with us in spirit, the Vietnam veterans will never be forgotten.

Again, welcome home brothers and sisters. Thank you! God bless all of us.


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