We Often Don’t Realize How Lucky We Are


We often don’t realize how lucky we really are.  

If you are a Litchfield resident, you have access beautiful parks, a gorgeous lake, a variety of restaurants,  a great educational system, a brand new library facility, an ever-changing local museum, and the list goes on and on.  We sometimes take for granted the items and services that are right in front of us.

It stands to reason then, that programs that aren’t so obvious really get overlooked when we are counting our blessings.

We know of no other town that is lucky enough to have grant programs like the ones offered in Litchfield.  The W. Darrell Kilton Foundation, The Elizabeth Baker Trust Fund, The Corwin Memorial Trust Fund, and The James A. Duff and Owen M. Duff Memorial Trust Fund are such amazing assets to our community.  Joann Anderson and her team that administrates these trusts, as well as the numerous volunteers that give their time and effort to selecting the recipients, are to be thanked for what they do behind the scenes to help make Litchfield such a terrific community.  

We often don’t realize how lucky we really are.


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