We Have All Seen The Real Trump Now


We have all seen the real Trump now.

I don’t blame Christians for voting for Trump.  He did get things done that the Bible says have to happen before Christ returns.  He knew he needed those votes.  I can’t believe a true Christian would behave like Trump has.  Why should he keep repeating the same things when there is no proof of it?

Trump told his supporters to stand down for now but be ready.  Then through Twitter he told them to come on Jan. 6 and Congress would overturn the election.  Doesn’t that sound seditious?

The day before the attempted coup Georgia had a run-off election where two Republicans were voted out of office.  If that election was correct, what makes people think the Presidential election was corrupt? Georgia has recordings of Trump trying to get the election overturned and Trump threatening harm.  

I believe Trump thought judges would be grateful for his appointment and would hear their case.  Thank God they put the law above the man.

Trump should have been removed from office before he gave pardons to these people.  It took nearly three hours of people telling Trump to put a stop to the riot.  When he did, he still claimed the election was stolen from him.  He told the rioters he loved them.

Despite being told by Chris Christie and other Republicans what he was saying was a lie, he still claims voter fraud.  We are supposed to take his word because he said so.  Two people are responsible for the riot, Trump and Giuliani.  Giuliani said it’s time to have a trial by combat.  They should be arrested and punished like the people they told to riot.

After the riot Lindsay Graham said he is fed up with Trump.  Vice President Pence said it’s over for Trump.  Sen. Marco Rubio said Trump is a con man and he isn’t going to turn over our government to a con man.  Maybe a little too late.  Sen. Mitch McConnell said if we overturned a certified election, we would no longer be a Democratic nation.  Chris Christie said if he could vote, he would have voted to impeach Trump.  Republicans should have told him to resign like Nixon did.

It’s amazing what campaign contributions can do.  A lot of contributors are cancelling their contributions to Republicans.


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