Voted For Trump Because We Know Who He Is


In response to the letter to the editor from Paul Hemken on Jan. 25, you started by stating, “we have all seen the real Trump now.”  

We, who voted for President Donald John Trump, have known the real Donald Trump for more than four years.  He is the president who made promises and then kept them.  Over 74 million people who legally voted for him did so looking forward to four more years of him having the same successes as he had in his first term.  These millions of voters know him and that’s why we voted for him.

I am so glad that you do not blame Christians for voting for President Trump–although, to be honest, we certainly do not need your approval.  My question is, what does being a Christian–of which I am one–have anything to do with voting for President Trump?

You are painting all Christians with a broad brush.  When I voted I was given a ballot and nowhere on that ballot did I find a question that asked my religious preference.  Do you suppose there were others–Muslims, Buddists, atheists–who voted for President Trump? Why single out Christians?

At least President Donald Trump did not spend the first few hours of his presidency trashing every good thing his predecessor had done.  Mr. Joseph R. Biden did exactly that and sent the United States of America on a spiraling path to socialism.  With the stroke of the pen, Biden put many thousands of people out of work.  President Trump brought the unemployment records to an all-time low.  With the stroke of the pen, Biden invited thousands of illegals to come across our borders and squat here and commit who knows how many illegal acts and live off the taxpayers.  President Trump built a wall and kept thousands of illegals out of our country.

The people who voted for Joseph R. Biden to be president apparently did not know him or they knew him for who and what he is, and they voted for him anyway. Whether they were Christians, Muslims, Buddists, or atheists, they along with the rest of this country are now going to have to abide by the decisions of Joseph R. Biden.  You see, we Christians and Muslims and Buddists and atheists who voted for President Donald John Trump did so because we know what and who he is.  We also know exactly what and who Mr. Joseph R. Biden is.

And as a Christian, I pray for this wonderful country every day, and that includes your Mr. Biden.  And I thank God that I do not need anyone’s approval to do that.


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