Vehicles To Be Off Roadways Aug. 9-10


It was business as usual for members of the Raymond Village Board as they met for their first regular meeting of the month on Monday evening, Aug. 2, at the village hall.

After the meeting was called to order at 7 p.m., a motion was made by Trustee Bill Krager and seconded by Trustee Dan Hough to approve the July 19 meeting minutes.

According to Streets and Alleys Superintendent Mike Masten, oiling work on roads will be performed Monday, Aug. 9 with a rain date of Tuesday, Aug. 10. Masten advised local residents to have their cars removed from the street on both days. He said he put rock on the back road and it looks good. Residents who are interested in having their driveway done in late August should contact the village hall at 217-229-4516.

Additionally Masten advised the board that he needs a new air compressor. Mayor Denny Held said he priced a few and found three in the Vandalia area.

In preparation for the upcoming celebration, village crews painted the railing and put new parking stripes on Main Street. The board members are pleased with the work William and Graham Gunn have done for the town. A “Welcome to Raymond” sign will be displayed at both ends of town for the celebration.

JP Masten will spray for mosquitos before the celebration at a reduced cost of $125. A motion was made by Trustee Matt Workman and seconded by Trustee Kendall Snyder to approve spraying for pests. All present voted in favor of the motion.

As William and Graham Gunn finish their work with the village, the board discussed finding a temporary replacement until Water and Sewer Superintendent Rick Broaddus returns to full duty. According to the village minutes, it was stated that the corner is tight near the city shed and Masten advised putting a 6 ft. culvert there. They discussed different ideas.

Trustee Bruce Poggenpohl reported that he spoke to Larry Langen regarding the roof at Shoal Creek Golf Course and the sewer plant. Langen will look them over and get back to the village.

In water and sewer, Mayor Held said he called Jeremy Connor of Hurst-Rosche Engineers Inc. as there are a few things that need done. Held said the village received a check from Ameren for damage, which was directed to the general fund. Broaddus will attend a conference on Sept. 15-17. He received part of the locator and is now waiting on the other part. Trustee Hough advised getting the books in order and getting a map started.

Raymond Chief of Police Ken Eller informed the board that as he was at a complete stop, someone backed into him, causing damage to the patrol car. 

A motion made by Trustee Hough to rescind the speed monitor sign for $5,400 and seconded by Trustee Greg Bernhardt was carried. The board discussed the 2021 Dodge Ram–to include radio installation along with the light bar on top–will cost $21,531. A second motion was made by Trustee Hough, seconded by Trustee Workman, to approve the purchase of the truck. All present voted in favor.

The village is seeking organizations that would be interested in taking over the annual Halloween parade. Those interested should contact village hall.

As part of the Shoal Creek Golf Course update, the board was informed that the score cards arrived; however, board members preferred the two-page score cards better. They received 5,000 of them. Additionally, they sent more golf carts to be repaired on Tuesday and will bring some back. Superintendent Nick Hornbuckle advised that the golf course should have enough carts for the tournament.

With video gaming going live on Wednesday, afternoon Aug. 4, a time for last call was discussed. The golf course will go by sundown time and will display a sign with that time so there is no confusion on when patrons should leave the pro shop. Winter gaming will be shut off from December to March. The board hopes this will help bring in new revenue.

In economic development, Spears informed Mayor Held that the deed for the land (2.48 acres) is at the lawyer’s office. The land will be used for the new burn pile.

A motion was then made by Trustee Hough to enter executive session. With no action taken, the board meeting was adjourned.


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