Unacceptable Restrictions On Movement


The media does not give a well-rounded veiw of the pandemic.

There are unacceptable restrictions upon the freedom of movement of people.  Closing businesses have created another crisis, maybe far worse than the pandemic.  Forcing the elderly from contact with their family members is penalizing them for no crime.

The actual data does not correspond to the panic that was created and foretold, but it does help isolate and manipulate people if they cannot assemble and discuss the current situation.

I am deeply concerned with a government that feels abortion is essential, places where you can purchase marijuana are essential, but church gatherings are not essential.  

There are remedies that help people with the virus; we do not have to wait upon drug companies to make vaccines at huge profits.  We should not accept vaccines that come from aborted babies.  Government does not have a right to force us to accept contact tracking.  They censor media information on social media that gives another viewpoint.

By all means wear a mask, clean your hands, and distance yourself, but do not accept everything put out by media corporations that have sent panic into our nation.


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