These Dogs Deserve A Better Life


I am writing about an ongoing situation in regards to Montgomery County Animal Control (MCAC) and our local court system.

Approximately 17 months ago I took my dog to be boarded at Hillsboro Advanced Veterinary Care.  I noticed several white pups in pens and inquired about them.  I was told they were being boarded by court order due to a neglect case.  The pups looked healthy and beautiful!

Fast forward to August 2021.  I saw a post that the grounds of MCAC were in desperate need of mowing.  A friend and I went to mow.  I was shocked to see nine or ten huge 100-plus pound white dogs individually penned on the left side of the facility.  I found out that these were the same pups I had seen over a year ago.  It broke my heart to think these poor animals that are meant to roam pastures and herd sheep have been incarcerated almost their entire lives, and at a cost to taxpayers.

I began to make calls to animal control, a local veterinarian, and county board members.  I was told it was in the hands of the state’s attorney, first with Bryant Hitchings and now Andrew Affrunti.  Others have sent letters or messages with no response.  How long will these innocent dogs have to spend their lives in prison while a seemingly never-ending dispute continues?  Why keep holding these dogs? I am sure a Great Pyrenees rescue would re-home these dogs and give much needed care and socialization.

I have no concern about the outcome of the court case.  I only care about the innocent life unfortunately stuck in the middle.

I want this situation resolved as soon as possible, as these dogs deserve a better life.

Kim Noyes



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