Survey Predicts 223.5 Bushels/Acre


Those needing proof that it’s going to be a good year for corn yield can look to the annual survey conducted by the University of Illinois Extension and the Montgomery County Farm Bureau.

During a lunch meeting on Thursday, Aug. 26, extension educator and number cruncher Talon Becker presented data forecasting an average 223.5 bushel per acre corn yield in Montgomery County this fall.

The survey predicts yields of greater than 200 bushels per acre in all but one township in Montgomery County, ranging from a high of 261.7 bushels per acre in Rountree Township to a low of 186.7 bushels per acre forecast in Pitman Township.

The predicted county average of 223.5 is up 20.5 percent from last year’s prediction of 185.5 bushels per acre, and only the second yield survey forecast over 200.  The survey predicted 215.7 bushels per acre in 2018.

Data for the collection–actually counting from sample ears of corn in the field–was done last week by Montgomery County Farm Bureau directors in their respective townships.

“For the most part, they were filled to the tip of the ear,” director Mark Knodle of Witt Township said.  “We saw a little disease in fields that were not sprayed, but not a lot.”

After discussing whether to base yield predictions on kernel sizes that varied by township or an average across the county, Becker used a county average of 85,000 kernels per bushel to figure the yield predictions.

“Usually we are underestimating,” Becker said, based on end-of-harvest National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) averages.  “In 2019 we were almost dead-on.”


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