Several Score Wins At Oakford WFO


Seven racers from the Journal-News Motorsports area finished first in eight races at the Oakford stop of the WFO Hare Scramble Series on May 30.

Morrisonville’s Jhak Walker was the one double winner of the group as he took the top spot in Super Mini, beating out Carlinville’s Mason Wise, and in 98-Open B. Gillespie’s Collin Johnson would finish fourth in 98-Open B, while Nathan Dyer (10th), Reece Frankford (19th) of Carlinville and Brayden Pickerill of Harvel also raced.

Travis Lentz of Walshville took first in the 65cc class, edging Cooper Duff of Donnellson, who finished second. Rylan Wise of Carlinville would also compete in 65cc and took seventh.

In the other youth classes, Carlinville’s Colt Rosentreter and Morrisonville’s Jhenner Walker finished 1-2 in the 50cc (7-8) class, while Ty Rosentreter of Carlinville was 13th in 50cc (4-6).

In 65cc Beginner, Carlinville’s Dawson Wise was third, while Nolan Adams of Hillsboro and Dax Toberman of Waterloo were 12th and 15th respectively. Jake Frizzo of Mt. Olive rounded out the young riders with a 12th place finish in 85cc.

Ryan Komor picked up another win in the 201-Open C class as the Litchfield rider added to his WFO points lead. Cameron West of Nokomis also raced in 201-Open C, finishing 29th.

The other wins in the adult class came in 30+ B, where Michael Robinson and Dave Emmons of Carlinville finished 1-2; 40+ B, where Brandon Frizzo of Mt. Olive and Darold Johnson of Gillespie took the top two spots; and 60+, where Ken Matway of Gillespie won and Dave Suslee of Nokomis was 10th.

In the AA class, Morrisonville’s Jhadyn Walker, Waverly’s Lake Plowman and Carlinville’s Rylan Frankford finished eighth, ninth and tenth, with Carlinville’s Jordan Emmons bringing home fourth in the 98-Open A class.

In the B and C classes, Steve Pickerill of Harvel was fifth in 50+ B/C; Carlinville’s Mason Wise and Waverly’s Grayson Plowman were fifth and 10th in 85-200 C; Gillespie’s Ryan Heeren was seventh in 30+ C and Carlinville’s Casey Boyett was ninth in 40+ C.

At Selma

The latest WFO series event took place on June 20 in Selma, IA, with a familiar face landing atop the podium in 65cc.

Travis Lentz of Walshville added to his points lead, finishing first out of nine racers on the day. Carlinville’s Rylan Wise also made the trip north and took eighth in the 65cc class.

In addition to Lentz and Wise, Carlinville’s Colt Rosentreter was first in the 0-51cc (7-8) class, while Ty Rosentreter was sixth in the 50cc (4-6) class.

In the adult classes, Collin Johnson of Gillespie was fourth and Nathan Dyer of Carlinville was 14th in the 98-Open B class, while Mason Wise of Carlinville was third in the 85-200 C class.

The next WFO hare scramble is Sunday, July 4, in Atkinson. Travis Lentz (65cc), Colt Rosentreter (50cc, 7-8) and Ryan Komor (201-Open C) all currently lead their classes through five events of the series. 

WFO Hare Scrambles

May 30 at Oakford

50cc (4-6): 13. Ty Rosentreter, Carlinville.

50cc (7-8): 1. Colt Rosentreter, Carlinville; 2. Jhenner Walker, Morrisonville.

65cc Beginner: 3. Dawson Wise, Carlinville; 12. Nolan Adams, Hillsboro; 15. Dax Toberman, Waterloo.

65cc: 1. Travis Lentz, Walshville; 2. Cooper Duff, Donnellson; 7. Rylan Wise, Carlinville.

85cc: 12. Jake Frizzo, Mt. Olive.

Super Mini: 1. Jhak Walker, Morrisonville; 2. Mason Wise, Carlinville.

AA: 8. Jhadyn Walker, Morrisonville; 9. Lake Plowman, Waverly; 10. Rylan Frankford, Carlinville.

98-Open A: 4. Jordan Emmons, Carlinville.

98-Open B: 1. Jhak Walker, Morrisonville; 4. Collin Johnson, Gillespie; 10. Nathan Dyer, Carlinville; 19. Reece Frankford, Carlinville; 20. Brayden Pickerill, Harvel.

30+ B: 1. Michael Robinson, Carlinville; 2. Dave Emmons, Carlinville.

40+ B: 1. Brandon Frizzo, Mt. Olive; 2. Darold Johnson, Gillespie.

50+ B/C: 5. Steve Pickerill, Harvel.

60+: 1. Ken Matway, Gillespie; 10. Dave Suslee, Nokomis.

85-200 C: 5. Mason Wise, Carlinville; Grayson Plowman, Waverly.

201-Open C: 1. Ryan Komor, Litchfield; 29. Cameron West, Nokomis.

30+ C: 7. Ryan Heeren, Gillespie.

40+ C: 9. Casey Boyett, Carlinville.

WFO Hare Scrambles

June 20 at Selma

50cc (4-6): 6. Ty Rosentreter, Carlinville.

0-51cc (7-8): 1. Colt Rosentreter, Carlinville.

65cc: 1. Travis Lentz, Walshville; 8. Rylan Wise, Carlinville.

98-Open B: 4. Collin Johnson, Gillespie; 14. Nathan Dyer, Carlinville.

85-200 C: 3. Mason Wise, Carlinville.


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