Seven Claim AMA District 17 Championships


One of the missions for District 17 of the AMA (American Motorcyclist’s Association) is to establish a point system for motorcycle riders, young and old, in their respective events. For the riders, their mission is even simpler, get to the top of those point standings and stay there.

Seven racers from The Journal-News coverage area did just that, taking the top spot in nine classes in the final AMA District 17 standings.

Chase Saathoff would be one of the two double champions this season as he took first in the 450cc and Open Amateur classes in the Dirt Track division. The Hillsboro 15-year-old beat out Braiden Cox by 35 points in the 450 class and Lucas Wilson by 96 points in the Open Amateur category, all while also traversing the country to find some of the best competition outside of AMA District 17.

Jhak Walker of Morrisonville, one of six Walker siblings to grace the District 17 standings, along with their dad, Jeremy, also picked up two titles this year, both in the Enduro division.

Walker ran first in the 98-Open B class with 217 points, beating out friends and riding partners Camden Thomas of Edinburg (127) and Collin Johnson of Gillespie (118). He would also win the Overall B title, again with 217 points, while Johnson was third and Thomas was sixth.

Jhadyn Walker would give the family another Enduro title, with a first in 98-Open A. The Morrisonville High School senior finished with 235 points, 56 more than second place Collin Kedzie, and was second in the Overall A standings behind AA rider Tanner Whipple.

Jeremy Walker would finish 11th in the Overall A division and second in the Vet (30+) A class. Derek Thomas of Edinburg would place first in Vet (30+) A and ninth in Overall A, while Carlinville’s Rylan Frankford was eighth in the overall and fourth in the AA numbers. Another Frankford, Reece, took second in the 14-29 C class.

Andrew Billington would take the other title in Enduro, topping the Vet (30+) C standings, while cousin Josh Billington was sixth in the Vet (30+) B division.

Gran Prix

In the Gran Prix final standings, Cooper Duff of Wilsonville scored a championship in the 65cc class, with Walshville’s Travis Lentz placing second for a one-two punch.

Another Duff/Lentz duo would finish in the top ten of the 85cc/Super Mini class as Zachary Duff finished sixth and Tyler Lentz took eighth in the class a few levels ahead of their younger brothers. Duff also ran the 12-29 C class once, finishing 22nd in the overall standings.

Not to be outdone, two of the quartet’s parents also raced in the Gran Prix class, with Ryan Duff finishing fourth in the 40+ A class and Alison Lentz placing sixth in the women’s division.

Hare Scrambles

Travis Lentz added to the trophy haul in the hare scrambles, which featured final standings dotted with local racers. The Wilsonville wonder dominated the 65cc class, finishing with 312 points, 118 more than second place.

Cooper Duff would pick up another top five in the district standings as well, taking fourth in the 65cc class.

Just below that class was the 65cc Beginner crew, which featured five area racers. Jhenner Walker of Morrisonville would be 18th overall, followed by Case Cruthis of Panama in 19th, Jhude Walker of Morrisonville in 20th, Grayson Lowe of Hillsboro in 22nd and Nolan Adams of Hillsboro in 24th.

Jhenner Walker nearly picked up a title in the 50cc senior class, coming in second with 228 points. Dax Toberman of Waterloo would be 15th in the same group, while Gideon Cruthis of Panama was 20th.

In the beginner class, the 50cc Juniors, Jhorjie and Jhordyn Walker of Morrisonville finished 15th and 16th, while Huntley Durbin of Hillsboro was 19th.

In the bigger classes, Reece Frankford of Carlinville won the 98-200 C class and was 15th in the 85cc group. Zachary Duff also ran the 85cc bikes and was 24th in the final standings. Tyler Lentz would collect a top five with a third in Super Mini, with Jhak Walker fifth overall.

Top five finishers from local racers dotted the final standings of the A, B and C groups. Jhadyn Walker was third in 98-Open A, while his brother, Jhak Walker, was second in 98-Open B. Collin Johnson of Gillespie (fourth), Lake Plowman of Waverly (ninth) and Camden Thomas of Edinburg (14th) also finished in the top 15 in the 98-Open B class.

In the other A divisions, Jeremy Walker and Ryan Duff were 11th and 12th in 30+ A, while Derek Thomas of Edinburg was sixth. In AA, Rylan Frankford was 2nd overall, with Lake Plowman coming in 20th in the pro class. Jeremy Walker also placed sixth in the 40+ A grouping.

In the B and C classes, Ryan Komor of Litchfield was sixth in the 201-Open C group, while Steven Laurent of Mt. Olive was 13th. The father and son duo of Brad and Randy Wagahoff of Taylorville also ran in District 17, with Brad finishing 15th in the 30+ C class and Randy taking 23rd in the 50+ B/C group.

Rounding out the list was Dave Suslee of Nokomis, who was 11th in the 60+ division, and Alison Lentz, who was seventh in the women’s division to go along with her sixth in Gran Prix.

Hill Climb

Cam Bone of Litchfield didn’t just pick up an AMA District 17 title in the Hill Climb this year, but he also won a national title and two state championships in Illinois and Michigan. Bone finished first in the 50cc class in the District 17 standings, but also took fourth in the 65cc class and 7th in the 85cc Jr. division.

Max Durbin of Mt. Olive would join his riding buddy near the top of the standings as he finished second in the 50cc class and third in the 65cc group. Wayde Noyes of Hillsboro also finished in the top ten at 50cc, placing eighth overall.

In the 85cc Jr. Class, Wyatt Noyes of Hillsboro was just behind Bone in eighth, while Tucker Durbin of Mt. Olive was 10th.

Litchfield’s Brawly Jacobs would finish fourth in both the 85cc Sr. class and the 125cc  class, with Hillsboro grad Derek Toberman of Waterloo finishing eighth in the standings.

Six other riders would finish in the top ten in the 200cc and up classes, starting with Kaleb Cloyd of Litchfield in tenth at 200cc. Rob Noyes and Jon Durbin, both of Hillsboro would finish fifth and ninth in the 250cc class, while Will Carlile of Mt. Olive was eighth in the 600cc group. Litchfield’s Nick Gerl was fifth in the Senior +40 class, with Jon Durbin adding another top ten with a seventh in the 400cc Stock class.

All told, it was a successful year in the District 17 events for the local racers, many of whom also compete in other events that don’t count toward the point standings. The schedule for 2021 hasn’t been determined yet, but this year’s schedule had the first events starting in March so the new season will be here before the riders know it.

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AMA District 17 

Year End Standings

Dirt Track

450cc: 1. Chase Saathoff (Hillsboro) 206.

Open Amateur: 1. Chase Saathoff (Hillsboro) 187.


Overall A: 2. Jhadyn Walker (Morrisonville) 172; 8. Rylan Frankford (Carlinville) 77; 9. Derek Thomas (Edinburg) 75; 11. Jeremy Walker (Morrisonville) 68.

AA: 4. Rylan Frankford (Carlinville) 93.

98-Open A: 1. Jhadyn Walker (Morrisonville) 235.

Vet (30+) A: 1. Derek Thomas (Edinburg) 201; 2. Jeremy Walker (Morrisonville) 173.

Overall B: 1. Jhak Walker (Morrisonville)  217; 3. Collin Johnson (Gillespie) 111; 6. Camden Thomas (Edinburg) 95; 17. Josh Billington (Hillsboro) 23.

98-Open B: 1. Jhak Walker (Morrisonville) 217; 2. Camden Thomas (Edinburg) 127; 3. Collin Johnson (Gillespie) 118.

Vet (30+) B: 6. Josh Billington (Hillsboro) 37.

14-29 C: 2. Reece Frankford (Carlinville) 64.

30+ C: 1. Andrew Billington (Hillsboro) 30.

Gran Prix

65cc: 1. Cooper Duff (Donnellson) 89; 2. Travis Lentz (Walshville) 76.

85cc/Super Mini: 6. Zachary Duff (Donnellson) 54; 8. Tyler Lentz (Walshville) 20.

12*29 C: 22. Zachary Duff (Donnellson) 7.

40+ A: 4. Ryan Duff (Donnellson) 51.

Women: 6. Alison Lentz (Walshville) 43.

Hare Scrambles

50cc Jr.: 15. Jhorjie Walker (Morrisonville) 31; 16. Jhordyn Walker (Morrisonville) 28; 19. Huntley Durbin (Hillsboro) 15.

50cc Sr.: 2. Jhenner Walker (Morrisonville) 228; 15. Dax Toberman (Waterloo) 30; 20. Gideon Cruthis (Panama) 16.

65cc Beginner: 18. Jhenner Walker (Morrisonville) 37; 19. Case Cruthis (Panama) 37; 20. Jhude Walker (Morrisonville) 36.; 22. Grayson Lowe (Hillsboro) 29; 24. Nolan Adams (Hillsboro) 23.

65cc: 1. Travis Lentz (Wilsonville) 312; 4. Cooper Duff (Donnellson) 153.

85cc: 15. Reece Frankford (Carlinville) 32; 24. Zachary Duff (Donnellson) 10.

98-Open A: 3. Jhadyn Walker (Morrisonville) 182.

98-Open B: 2. Jhak Walker (Morrisonville) 230; 4. Collin Johnson (Gillespie) 197; 9. Lake Plowman (Waverly) 113; 14. Camden Thomas (Edinburg) 78.

AA: 2. Rylan Frankford (Carlinville) 177; 20. Lake Plowman (Waverly) 18.

Super Mini: 3. Tyler Lentz (Walshville) 113; 5. Jhak Walker (Morrisonville) 90.

98-200 C: 1. Reece Frankford (Carlinville) 249.

201-Open C: 6. Ryan Komor (Litchfield) 175; 13. Steven Laurent (Mt. Olive) 52; 

30+ A: 6. Derek Thomas (Edinburg) 57; 11. Jeremy Walker (Morrisonville) 20; 12. Ryan Duff (Donnellson) 20.

30+ C: 15. Brad Wagahoff (Taylorville) 41.

40+ A: 6. Jeremy Walker (Morrisonville) 94.

50+ B/C: 23. Randy Wagahoff (Taylorville) 13.

60+: 11. Dave Suslee (Nokomis) 73.

Women: 7. Alison Lentz (Walshville) 93.

Hill Climb

50cc: 1. Cam Bone (Litchfield) 230; 2. Max Durbin (Mt. Olive) 169; 8. Wayde Noyes (Hillsboro) 83.

65cc: 4. Cam Bone (Litchfield) 169; 6. Max Durbin (Mt. Olive) 118.

85cc Jr.: 7. Cam Bone (Litchfield) 114; 8. Wyatt Noyes (Hillsboro) 90; 10. Tucker Durbin (Mt. Olive) 73.

85cc Sr.: 4. Brawly Jacobs (Litchfield) 96.

125cc: 4. Brawly Jacobs (Litchfield) 70; 8. Derek Toberman (Waterloo) 25.

200cc: 10. Kaleb Cloyd (Litchfield) 16.

250cc: 5. Rob Noyes (Hillsboro) 114; 9. Jon Durbin (Hillsboro) 54.

600cc: 8. Will Carlile (Mt. Olive) 21.

Senior +40: 5. Nick Gerl (Litchfield) 21.

400cc Stock: 7. Jon Durbin (Hillsboro) 80.


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