Schram City Pays Tribute To Whitlow


Upon calling their meeting to order on Monday evening, Aug. 9, members of the Schram City Village Board held a moment of silence for long-time board member Sam Whitlow, who passed away on Saturday, Aug. 7, following a battle with esophageal cancer.

Whitlow, who served as a village trustee for 18 years, also assisted Santa Claus for several decades and was favored by many local children. According to Village President Albert Oberle, the long-time trustee was involved in car shows, and he and his wife Barb participated in the annual Schram City Fall Festival.

“He has supported our community in many ways,” said President Oberle.

A six-inch water line break occurred on Thursday evening, Aug. 5, in front of the village hall. The line was repaired; however, it caused a water shut off in Schram City and Kortkamp for approximately 45 minutes, which resulted in a boil order.

“I’d like to give a special thanks to Jim Lessman, who did the digging for us, and Wayne Bondurant and Kyle Lynch of Bondurant Plumbing came and helped us out. Of course Steve Hefley was here and Scott Spencer (village employees),” said President Oberle. “Actually it all went really well based on what we first looked at.”

The village president also advised that while the village has received funding for the Phase I water replacement project, they learned that there is no pipe available during a meeting with contractors on July 28.

“The project is moving forward, but it’s also at a stand still,” said President Oberle.

Members of the board approved the annual tax levy appropriation for fiscal year May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 in total of $24,575. They would also make a motion to approve the Phase I engineering design fee payment to Brown and Roberts at a total of $78,969.40.

In a grant update, President Oberle said he received a notice regarding the Rebuild Illinois grant that they are now reviewing grant applications and will award funding in 2022. The village president said both he and the engineering firm are diligently working to secure the grant. The village has also signed up for federal American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funding through the county to purchase spare pumps for the lift stations, as well as other needed projects.

In streets and alleys, Trustee Kevin Tuetken reported that it has been difficult to get much work completed due to the excessive rain. He asked about patch work and Oberle said that it's finished in Kortkamp, unless there are other areas they missed the first round. He also said they’re almost through the first tandem load of patch thus far. Tuetken will make a list of streets and alleys that may need attention and will report back to Oberle. The village president advised that village workers will soon direct their time to mowing and trimming, then they will perform asphalt work. Weather pending, the village is scheduled for oiling and rocking on Monday, Sept. 13. Trustee Pat Rhoades inquired about building up an alley within the village with President Oberle saying they recently did some patch work to the alley; however, he will check on it.

Trustee Rhoades commended Schram City Zoning Officer Mike Lee on his work in getting derelict vehicles off the village streets. Trustee Dalton King inquired on whether the village president has asked about herbicide spraying with President Oberle saying he checked with the city of Hillsboro and will follow up on that matter. Following the impending rain, the village will spray for mosquitoes once again to help curb the pesky bugs.

During a discussion on trash services, the village board reviewed information regarding options including permits, changing their ordinance and more. Some residents have expressed concerns on placing trash containers in front of residences, and have said they preferred alleyway pick-up. Trustee Tuetken advised the village should stay away from that option. Oberle said residents have suggested requiring residents to pull their trash containers back to their residences upon pick-up; however, the village said the city of Hillsboro had an issue enforcing that.

Trustee Dalton King suggested requiring permits for trash service companies so haulers know what is expected of them. Trustee Pat Rhoades agreed with King’s idea of permits. President Oberle said he will review the trash ordinance and update it to discuss with board members at next month’s meeting.

And speaking of trash, the board made a decision to forgo a fall clean-up and will wait until spring to host a dumpster at the village hall. Trustee Earl Eller asked about offering the clean-up event during the weekend when many residents are off of work and able to haul their unwanted belongings. President Oberle said the board can further discuss options near spring, including securing two dumpsters instead of one.

A busted tree branch that occurred approximately a week ago required the village to hire out a tree service to remove it. President Oberle said that trees on residential properties could become an issue as they hang over onto the roadways, and he wondered whether property owners are responsible for maintaining their trees. Trustee King advised that it is the village’s responsibility if trees extend onto the village’s property with village attorney Alicia Granito in agreement.

In one final note, Trustee Pat Rhoades asked about the basketball court she inquired about building on Broadway. President Oberle said he is checking on that and has some ideas for that entire park area that he will present to the board once he gathers some information.

The next monthly board meeting will be held Monday evening, Sept. 13, at the village hall beginning at 6 p.m.


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