Round 8 In The Books At Lincoln Trail


Round eight of the Fly Showdown Racing Series took place at Lincoln Trail Motorsports in Casey on Sept. 26, with several area racers doing well at the motocross event.

In the 50cc division, Holden Wright of Hillsboro finished 10th in the Pee Wee class and 13th in the Junior class, while Hillsboro’s Huntley Durbin was ninth in the junior class and 12th in the Mini-E division.

Both Hank Bone of Litchfield and Archer Durbin of Hillsboro ran in the Shaft/Shifter class, finishing 10th and 17th respectively.

In the 65cc division, Hudson Wright of Hillsboro and Camron Bone of Litchfield both ran in the Junior and Open classes. Wright was ninth in Junior and 22nd in Open, while Bone was 26th in both races.

In the 85cc division, Trenton Kimbro was 13th in Senior, 21st in Open and 13th in Super Mini. Carlinville’s Reece Frankford also ran in the Open and Super Mini classes, finishing 29th and 12th respectively.

In the adult classes, Adam Wright of Hillsboro and Derek Birkenkamp of Litchfield were third and sixth in 30+ A, while Ryan Petroski of Irving was 18th in Open C. Rylan Frankford of Carlinville competed in both two-stroke classes, finishing third in the Open and ninth in the 125.

Round nine and 10 of the series will be on Oct. 16 and 17 at Lincoln Trail Motosports.

Fly Showdown Series

September 26 at Casey

Lincoln Trail Motosports

50cc Shaft/Shifter Beginner (4-8): 10. Hank Bone (Litchfield); 17. Archer Durbin (Hillsboro)

50cc Pee Wee (4-8): 10. Holden Wright (Hillsboro)

50cc Junior (4-6): 9. Huntley Durbin (Hillsboro); 13. Holden Wright (Hillsboro)

Mini-E (4-8): 12. Huntley Durbin (Hillsboro)

65cc Junior (7-9): 9. Hudson Wright (Hillsboro); 26. Camron Bone (Litchfield)

65cc Open (7-11): 22. Hudson Wright (Hillsboro); 26. Camron Bone (Litchfield)

85cc Senior (12-15): 13. Trenton Kimbro (Taylor Springs)

85cc Open (9-15): 21. Trenton Kimbro (Taylor Springs); 29. Reece Frankford (Carlinville) 

Super Mini (12-16): 12. Reece Frankford (Carlinville); 13. Trenton Kimbro (Taylor Springs)

30+ A: 3. Adam Wright (Hillsboro); 6. Derek Birkenkamp (Litchfield)

125 Two-Stroke: 9. Rylan Frankford (Carlinville)

Open Two-Stroke: 3. Rylan Frankford (Carlinville)

Open C: 18. Ryan Petroski (Irving)


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