Please Use Etiquette To Display The Flag


We noticed a few folks in the area were flying the US flag upside down. As most know, this is traditionally seen as a sign of distress. 

We understand the frustration of seeing policies implemented that we strongly disagree with. We also understand that vigorous discourse is a necessary and fundamental component in any representative democracy. Although we might disagree on many policies, ultimately it is necessary to find common ground, as Americans, for the greater good of the country. It's not always easy, but it is essential. 

It’s apparent that in recent years there has been an erosion in trust for institutions that are fundamental to the maintenance of American democracy. While questioning authority in a peaceful and respectful manner is a critical First Amendment right, it is also true that dissent serves us best when it is grounded in fact. Attacking without evidence the credibility of the American media, our legal system, and our electoral process is classic demagoguery, the kind of action we expect to see in authoritarian states, not in our country. We are all better than this, and it’s only through our common efforts that we can prove that we are. 

Understanding that political differences are inevitable, we should be able to "agree to disagree," respectfully and without malice toward one another. At no time during any President's tenure did we consider flying the US flag upside down. We see this as an act of disrespect to the millions of Americans who have served this country, some having sacrificed their lives in its defense. The sacrifice those have made in defense of this country, under this flag, have come at a great cost. 

Though we may disagree on a President's policies, can we please at least display the flag in adherence to proper etiquette? We owe those who have bled for it at least that much.  


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