Pet Products Will Soon Be Made In Hillsboro


“I don’t believe communities are disposable. I don’t believe people are disposable and I don’t believe that products should be disposable either,” Atlas 46 CEO Brian Carver stated during the announcement of a new business coming to Hillsboro.

Carver held an informal meet-and-greet at Atlas 46’s Hillsboro-based manufacturing plant on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 11, to introduce Woofers and Whiskers to the community. A family business, father-and-son Tim and Adam Kempf, of Newburgh, IN, were in attendance, giving a brief overview of their family’s long history in the pet business and their new venture, producing high-quality pet gear.

The Kempf family has owned and operated a pet boarding business in their home state of Indiana for nearly 23 years. Tim and Ellen Kempf opened Woofers and Whiskers boarding facility in 1997 after realizing the need for an animal-centered boarding facility when they were scrambling to find someone to take care of their own furry family members while they went on a vacation. 

Their love of animals was passed down to their children and in 2014 their son Adam and his wife Crystal took over the day-to-day operations of the boarding facility. Again, necessity led the Kempf family to expand their business and venture into new realms.

“We generally board between 50 to 60 dogs per week and there isn’t a single week that goes by that products aren’t broken. We have had 23 years of hands-on experience in the boarding business, which means we see a lot of products and on average they are cheaply made and manufactured overseas,” Adam Kempf explained. “Woofers and Whiskers is a family first operation and we believe that fur kids need quality products too. Bags, leashes, collars, these products should last the life of the pet.”

Starting small, the Kempfs launched their own line of pet products in October 2020 and sold out within two weeks. They currently offer a variety of different pet travel bags and pet food bags with the intention of expanding into additional pet products as they find their bearings with the new branch of Woofers and Whiskers. Atlas 46 has partnered with the American made business to manufacture their products, with manufacturing to take place out of the company’s plant in Hillsboro.

While the products are only available for purchase online at the moment, Woofers and Whiskers has plans to place their  products in area businesses in the future. To view the new line of pet gear visit Woofers and Whiskers website at


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