Outside Dining Rules Are Absolutely Ridiculous


In regard to the new guidelines set forth by our governor, the outside dining rules are absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion it’s nothing more than JB trying to protect himself from the many lawsuits that are sure to follow and at the same time, it basically still prevents us from making a living. 

In less than 24 hours we went from being fined, arrested and having our license revoked, to being able to open for outside dining only. I guess it’s a step in the right direction but it is still next to impossible to achieve. 

So everyday we have to bring in extra employees to carry the tables and chairs out to the parking lot and place them six feet apart. Then we will have to have other employees to open the doors for our servers because their hands will be carrying plates. This one scenario alone will cost us double in labor dollars alone. 

On top of that, half of my parking lot will be full of tables so we will be out of parking in a short period of time. God forbid a car hits a table full of diners pulling in or out of our lot. I’m guessing our insurance probably won’t cover that. 

What if it rains? Guess what? I’m closed for the day. What if it’s 95 degrees outside? Are you and your family going to want to sit outside in that heat and smell the exhaust fumes while the sweat drips off your nose? I don’t think so. 

Are my customers allowed to use the restroom? I don’t know. Do I pay another employee to police the bathroom, because the urinals and toilets are not six feet apart? 

We are a buffet restaurant; how do I get my buffet outside? I’m not. So again, I’m still basically closed. I could go on. 

In this scenario we will be paying double in wages for half of the business. That’s a great business plan. Thanks, JB. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that with your ideas you will pull our state right out of the deep dark debt hole we are currently in. I’m also curious to know how social distancing works when you can board a 747 at O’Hare International with hundreds of people, but you can’t enter a restaurant.

Whatever happened to common sense? We teach our children that bullying can’t be tolerated and should be stopped at all cost, but here we are being bullied everyday by JB. He has threatened to cut off federal and state funds to our communities if we don’t comply, because “we are all in this together.” Right. Until we are allowed to get back to the “old normal,” and operate at 100 percent, we will continue to slide.

It’s time for our local leaders to make our rules, ignore this nonsense and give us back our lives! I really do miss America!

Now that my rant is over, I want to give a huge thank you to all of our local residents and businesses that have supported us at Maverick and the Ariston. The kind words of encouragement, the “extra big tips” and the flowers all mean more to us than you can imagine!


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