Our Family Is Grateful To State’s Attorney


My name is Clint Harkins.  My wife and I have lived in Montgomery County for nearly 20 years.

Three years ago, a member of our family was the victim of a serious predatorial assault.  Through strength and unwavering courage, that person refused to be silenced.  With the help and support of the Hillsboro Police Department and Montgomery County State’s Attorney, this predator was charged and prosecuted with a felony for those actions.

For those who may not know, a prosecutor has a wide amount of discretion in what and how he or she chooses to prosecute.  In making these difficult decisions, the prosecutor does not have to meet or confer with the victim of a crime.  However, from the beginning, State’s Attorney Bryant Hitchings made us a part of the process, and he took great care in keeping us up to date on the case during its yearlong court proceeding. Montgomery County has a state’s attorney who does not forget those who are affected by crime, and fights to bring justice to its victims. 

I firmly believe, knowing the quality of his character, he would do the same for your family.  Our family is forever grateful.


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