Open Arms Is Doing A Mighty Work For God


Usually I write about caring for critters–reminding to adopt, spay and neuter.  The heat is on so please think about your outside animals.  Make sure they have shelter, shade, fresh food and water daily.

However, this letter is about a wonderful discovery I made right here in Irving.  It’s a small church called Open Arms Fellowship, pastored by Randy White, assisted by his lovely wife Terra, with about 20 members including the children.

They may be small, but they are doing a mighty work for God.  

We’re a poor corn community.  They saw the need for a food pantry.  It was and still is a herculean task.

They have a free community meal once a month in the large basement of the old Masonic building on Main Street.  Services are held upstairs at 10:30 Sundays.

Although I’m not a member, I just had to ask if I could be a part of the work by setting up the community wardrobe in one of their rooms upstairs.

Fellow Christians, I need your help.  Please, no clothes at this time, as Randy wants to set up a drop box of sorts for donations of pre-washed clothing, shoes, etc.  Please, give me a month or so to get set up.

Right now I need hanging racks, free-standing shelves, and hangers.  If you’re thinking of replacing your washer and dryer, please consider donating your still good set to the Open Arms Church.  You can reach me at 217-533-4631.

Pastor Randy would love to meet new friends.  Everyone is invited to stop by.  No matter your beliefs, you will be uplifted.  After all, shouldn’t all Christians be about doing God’s work?

Thank you for hearing me out.  May you all be blessed.


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