Offenders Testing Positive At Alarming Rate


Graham Correctional Center, located in Hillsboro, has become a chaotic breeding ground for COVID-19 as prison officials have completely lost control of the spread of the virus. 

On or around Dec. 23, Graham began testing its offender population for COVID-19. Hundreds of offenders have since fallen ill and have tested positive for the virus. 

Due to the offender population of the facility being at full capacity, officials are unable to effectively isolate covid positive offenders from negative offenders, resulting in offenders who have tested negative being forced to be housed in a cell with offenders who have tested positive. Furthermore, prison officials have failed to effectively enforce social distancing and limiting gathering practices, proper sanitation measures including routine cleaning of high contact surfaces in high traffic areas, and proper PPE wearing such as mandatory masks for offenders in communal areas of the facility. 

As a result, myself and hundreds of offenders and staff have continued to test positive for COVID-19 at an alarming rate here at Graham Correctional Center. Such inadequacies at the prison have created an imminent risk of serious illness or even death to prison staff, offenders and the surrounding community alike. 

Graham Correctional Center desperately requires the professional assistance of an outside agency who specializes in the control of infectious disease in order to get this virus under control in this facility.


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