Nokomis Hears Water Complaint, Awards Grants


The Nokomis City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Dec. 14,  with Mayor Mike Holliday, Commissioners Ann Brookshire, Louis Stauder, and Jocko Nash, along with City Clerk Rachel Hill present in the room.  Commissioner Derek Durbin attended via Zoom along with other visitors.

Todd Stewart addressed the council in the recognition of guests’ portion of the meeting, concerned about unusually high water usage and billing at his business, Main Street Car Wash, immediately prior to replacement of his water meter.  Stewart presented the council with data showing the increase in water expense, but also showing there was no concurrent increase in any other utilities, which he thought would be expected if he were legitimately using more water in his operation.  Subsequent to installation of the new meter around Labor Day, Stewart said his reported usage had gone down to normal levels or lower.  He concluded by asking the council to consider the situation at their convenience and maybe set up a future meeting regarding the matter.

Nash moved to award $1,000 Nokomis COVID-19 grants to the seven businesses who completed and submitted grant applications.  Stauder seconded the motion and it passed unopposed with Durbin abstaining.  Mayor Holliday requested Clerk Hill to add extension of the grant program to the agenda for the next meeting, as he felt many were unaware of the opportunity.  Still in the audience, Stewart confirmed he was unaware of the grant until it was too late.

The mayor reported to the council that the owners of Kroger approached him and wanted to obtain a liquor license to allow them to serve alcohol.  They want the license as part of the process to put in gambling machines and they want to sell beer and wine by the glass.  Both Holliday and Nash stated they did not see a problem.  Kroger already has a package liquor license.  

Stauder reported bills in the amount of $40,674.61 and revenues of $35,057.59.  Nash made a motion to approve payment of the bills.  Brookshire seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Nash told the council he had been approached by Pastor Ryan Follis about whether he would be able to put up a 4x8 sign by the old Ford building, if he was able to acquire the property.  Nash told the council his only reservation with the sign is that it could be too bright and potentially distracting, but he foresaw no other problems.

Nash made a motion to approve an ordinance authorizing the advertisement for the sale of real property owned by the City of Nokomis.  Durbin seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Brookshire reported to the council that she had not heard back from Illinois EPA on the water sample and potential waste water violations.

Brookshire made a motion to clarify that Michael Holliday, Louis Stauder, and Rachel Hill are allowed to be listed on all city bank accounts, and to  cash out and create new CDs as needed with council approval.  Clerk Hill reported the bank felt the council minutes were not clear enough as to who had authority to act on those items, so approval of the motion and its entry into the minutes should remedy the problem.  Nash seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Durbin reported the city’s union employees had a new business agent representative within the last few days and the new rep had not had a chance to put together the presentation for the council, so the material to be considered in an executive session was not yet available.

With no need for an executive session, the meeting was adjourned at 7:22 p.m. on a motion by Brookshire, second by Stauder.


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