Nokomis Council Signs Waste Water Contract


The Nokomis City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Oct. 26, with Mayor Mike Holliday, Commissioners Louis Stauder, Derek Durbin, Ann Brookshire and Jocko Nash present.  Visitors attended the meeting both in person and via Zoom internet connection.

In the Oct. 13 meeting the council had tabled approval of a service agreement with Benton and Associates to provide waste water system improvements.  The delay had resulted when Holliday had voiced concerns regarding the language in paragraph seven of page three of the agreement that provides for the city to limit engineers, consultants, contractors, and subcontractors liabilities to $50,000.  The mayor feared that the wording made the limit cumulative on the project and essentially made the city the insurer on the life of the project.  

He also questioned paragraph eight of page four which made the city responsible for designating the location of all utility lines and underground improvements in the project site and then essentially makes the city responsible for any negative outcomes as a result.

Reporting that the firm had sufficiently changed the language to the council’s satisfaction, the council heard a motion from Brookshire to approve the Benton and Associates Engineering Service Agreement for the waste water systems improvements.  

The motion was seconded by Nash and approved unanimously by the council on a roll call vote.  The agreement was then signed.

Later in the meeting, Durbin questioned if the broken meter at Casey’s had been changed out yet.  Discussion among the council and city employees present determined that the meter had been out three to four months due to the fact they were waiting for the replacement on order to come in.  In the interim, a minimum billing had gone out monthly to the customer.  The new meter had arrived during the week and the city was now waiting for an opportunity to install it.  Likewise, a faulty meter in Coalton was waiting for a valve replacement hoped to fix that unit.

Nash presented a building district grant application for new windows at 100 W Front Street.   The applicant had submitted the required two estimates, which were $8,250 and $6,101.40.  Nash made a motion to approve the building district grant in the amount of $3,050.70.  Durbin seconded the motion and the council approved it unanimously.

Nash then introduced the matter of a Christmas party or Christmas bonus for the city employees.  When the mayor asked what had been done last year, he was told the bonus for full time employees had been the granting of a floating holiday day.  As it was unclear what had been done for part-time employees or what could be done, the council asked that City Clerk Hill research the matter.  Nash made a motion to table the decision on Christmas bonuses until the Nov. 9 meeting.  Durbin seconded the motion.  The council voted unanimously to do so.

Earlier in the meeting, the council briefly discussed a building district grant to be submitted by Kurt Aumann.   As the item had not been put on the agenda, the council voted to table the discussion until the next meeting Nov. 9 on a motion by Durbin and second by Stauder.  Nash abstained during the vote.

Stauder reported revenues of $34,182.43 and made a motion to pay bills in the amount of $92,959.41.  The motion was seconded by Durbin and approved unanimously.

Durbin made a motion to enter executive session at 7:29 p.m. to review and approve executive session minutes from May to October 2020.

The council returned from executive session at 7:39 p.m.  Durbin made a motion to release executive session minutes from May 11 through Sept. 28.  Stauder seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 p.m. on a motion by Nash, second by Brookshire.


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