New Venture Allows Cherry To 'Be Still'


Only a few months after selling the Midwest Royals All-Star Cheer Gym, Beth Cherry is stepping into her next phase, Be Still Yoga and Meditation. Cherry’s newest venture is a faith based program that explores a variety of yoga styles while incorporating scripture and  meditation.

A familiar face in the area, Cherry lives in Litchfield with her husband Thomas and their three children, eight-year-old Wade and three-year-old twins, Brooks and Naomi . The Cherrys moved to Litchfield (his hometown) in 2007, and quickly became active in the community. The young couple coaches youth sports and Cherry has been vital in building Litchfield Chamber’s Party in The Park pageants, stepping into the role of director in 2016. However, she is probably best known for bringing competitive cheerleading to Montgomery County. 

Building a business from the ground up is nothing new to Cherry, who built the Midwest Royals gym with little more than grit, determination and the support of her athletes and their families. What started as 12 athletes in a rented space had grown to a personally owned gym with 120 athletes by the time Cherry sold the business in January 2020. While the competitive cheer coach continues to be actively invested in the Midwest Royals gym, she is ready to take on her next challenge.

“I sold my gym because it was time. I think it is very important to understand when it is time for your next phase,” said Cherry. A lot of people thought I was crazy, selling a profitable business that I built from the ground up, but I knew my season was over and that it was time for a new owner, someone with fresh ideas and fresh fire to set them.”

Meanwhile, Cherry had another spark waiting to be kindled. A disciplined practitioner of yoga, she has nurtured the dream of becoming a yoga instructor throughout her adult life. She graduated from Sanford-Brown College with an associates degree in Allied Health as a massage therapist. While she continued studying holistic healing independently, Cherry put the desire to teach yoga aside while focusing on building the cheer gym and raising her young family.

In mid-March she decided that there was no time like the present and traveled to Atlanta, GA, to attend Yoga Immersion, an extensive, two-week training program where she received her YogaFaith instructor certification. Cherry was simultaneously working behind the scenes to create a business plan. The Be Still Yoga and Meditation page is up and running on Facebook and she is preparing to launch a website as well.

She returned home, prepared to begin building membership. There was one thing Cherry had not planned on however, the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent social-distancing mandates.

“The virus has definitely been an obstacle as far as building membership. I am limited to using social media platforms and it is really putting myself out there. I’m an extrovert and used to coaching and interacting with people face-to-face, so it’s definitely been a learning process to make those same connections remotely.”

In an effort to get Be Still Meditation and Yoga off the ground and running, Cherry has been releasing live videos on the business Facebook page. Those interested can try a free virtual class from the comfort of their homes, online via the Be Still Meditation and Yoga page on Facebook. 

Eventually Cherry plans to offer classes at the Midwest Royals gym as well as private group sessions and hopes to instruct those of all ages. Her vision is to expand into holding workshops, mother/daughter classes, partner yoga, children’s yoga and chair yoga and is open to partnering with churches and other gyms in the area.

Cherry’s classes are open to seasoned yogis and those new to the practice and she stresses allowing your body to work up to the poses and not feeling intimidated to join in. While Cherry’s program is faith-centered, all are welcome to join her new program regardless of belief system. At it’s heart, Be Still Yoga and Meditation, aims to bring it’s members the ability to step back from the hustle and bustle of our technology driven culture.

“Meditating is a tool to help people better understand, accept and love themselves. It’s about putting the phones down at night and remembering that  life is so much more than a Facebook post or what other people think of you. It’s about stepping inward, reclaiming your power to be the driving force of your own decisions and learning to be proud of yourself along the way.”

Throughout her career coaching youth, Cherry has noticed the cultural tendency to push athletes (children) to do more and be more physically while negating to focus on their mental well-being. An error in thinking, as Cherry noted that top athletes need to first be mentally strong in order to be physically strong and consistently perform at high-levels. The longtime coach feels that youth, especially competitive athletes, benefit from developing a yoga and meditation practice.

“Yoga Faith is a scripturally based form of yoga. It is a lot of meditation and dealing with the ups and downs of life together, from a Christ-centered perspective,” Cherry reiterated. “Ultimately my goal is a real connection, beyond the mat and beyond the pageantry. I want to help uplift people to their best selves. I am really hoping we can get face-to-face soon.”

Those interested in signing up for sessions or learning more may contact Cherry at 217-710-5666 or through the Be Still Meditation and Yoga page on Facebook 


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