Montgomery County Farmers Hit The Fields


As farmers return to the fields, one local farming family has enhanced its large operation with a new cutting-edge piece of machinery, the Fendt IDEAL Model 9T combine.

Justison Farms in Butler purchased the new combine from Kuhns Equipment in Arthur in July, and will be performing this year’s harvest work with a 12-row drago corn head.

The combine comes from a German manufacturer, Fendt, who, according to David Justison, Sr. gathered designs from other manufacturers to engineer the new state-of-the-art machinery.

“We’re just always trying to improve,” said David, Sr.

The purchase came at the right time as the Justison family expands their farm operations in Champaign, Macon and Logan counties. They now currently own acreage across seven different counties.

According to Kuhns Equipment Store Manager Ben Kuhns, it is designed with a 16-foot-long dual helix roader and MAC DON FD 145 draper head, and claims the largest grain truck at 485 bushels. The advanced capabilities allows the Model 9T more efficient output at six bushels of grain per second.

With an overall width of 13 ft., the 650 horsepower combine can travel up to 26 mph. Fendt combines are equipped with full three and five-year warranties, which includes maintenance, not just break downs Kuhns said.

“They’ve been super accomodating,” Lana Justison said of Kuhns Equipment. She added that the family has been especially appreciative to the manufacturer for working alongside them on Wednesday, Sept. 23.


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