‘Mitigation’ Not Much Comfort To Land Owners


This letter is in response to an article printed in the May 17  issue of The Journal-News entitled “Mitigation Man.”   

After reading the article, I did not understand its relevance.  According to Webster, the definition of “mitigate” is to “lesson the severity of.”  If the article had been entitled “Elimination Man,” meaning Mr. Spinner and company could eliminate the problem that the longwall method of mining has created, that might have had some relevance, but “mitigation man” simply means that there is a severe problem that is just trying to be lessened a bit.  That’s not much comfort to the landowners and farmers whose lives and property have been severely damaged or destroyed by the longwall mining process.  As a landowner and farmer myself, the article infuriated me.

The article goes on to say that this coal that is being mined is mostly going out of state or overseas.  Much of it is going out by rail, right past a closed-down power plant at Coffeen, and I understand is headed for the Gulf Coast to fire power plants in foreign countries.  Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Our past, local politicians and current state and federal politicians have turned this county, state and whole country into one chaotic mess that no “mitigation man” is ever going to be able to fix!


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