Mayor Explains Phase 3 Liquor Rules


After two devastating months with little to no income, Friday marked the beginning of a recovery for several local businesses as the governor’s COVID-19 plan moved into Phase 3.

As liquor commissioner for the city of Litchfield, I have developed a plan to stay within these guidelines as well as long-established local ordinances, but also realize that Phase 3 is still not the economic cure for many businesses.

Outdoor liquor service ordinances will be relaxed for the period between May 29 and June 25.  This will be allowed in controlled, fenced-in areas with a posted maximum capacity. No consumption will be allowed except on the property of the license holder.  Public sidewalks and right-of-ways are not to be used.  Several license holders will not be able to operate, as they have no outdoor property and will have to wait until Phase 4 when service will be allowed inside the premises.  If these businesses do not comply, they will risk the loss of health department permits and liquor licenses, both state and city.

Enforcement of the maximum number of customers allowed, as well as other distancing and sanitation standards, will also be mandatory.  Loitering outside these controlled areas–drinking or not–will not be allowed.  No alcohol can be brought in from off-site.

We realize that there is a desire for the public to return to some sense of normal, but we ask that everyone cooperate within these rules and guidelines.  The ability of your local restaurant or bar to openly operate for this next month is at stake.  They are your neighbors and friends and are anxious to serve you once again.

The city and your police force request the public’s cooperation to make this temporary effort good for the whole community.

Mayor Steve Dougherty



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