Local Riders Collect Wins At Belleville Hare Scrambles


The Belleville Enduro Team hosted two days of hare scrambles in June, with a large contingent from the Journal-News Motorsports area competing.

On day one, June 12, five racers from Montgomery and Macoupin Counties took first place in their respective divisions, with 18 total entries from J-N Motorsports riders.

Ryan Komor of Litchfield continued his hot streak with a first in the 201-Open C class, while Brandon Frizzo of Mt. Olive was first in 40+ B. The other three winners came from Carlinville, with Colt Rosentreter (0-51cc, 7-8), Reece Frankford (79-150cc Super Mini, 9-15) and Jordan Emmons (98cc-Open A) all finishing first.

In addition to the five winners, Collin Johnson of Gillespie (85cc-Open B), Blake Copeland of Morrisonville (98cc-Open A) and Ken Matway of Gillespie (60+) all finished second in their class.

Several riders returned on day two, with a few new additions as well. Six riders would come away with wins on June 13, including Ryan Komor, who completed the sweep of the 201cc-Open C class.

Komor’s father, Jim, also won the 40+ C class, while Matway moved up a spot to take first in 60+. Other winners were Jeffrey Kaylor of Gillespie (98-Open A), Lake Plowman of Waverly (AA) and Michael Robinson of Carlinville (30+ B).

Brandon Frizzo completed a solid weekend with a second in 40+ B, while Harvel’s Steve Pickerill (50+ B/C) and Waverly’s Grayson Plowman (66-85cc, 9-15) also picked up runner-up finishes.

More results from the two races are below.

Belleville Enduro Team

Hare Scrambles

June 12 at Belleville

0-51cc (4-6): 6. Ty Rosentreter, Carlinville

0-51cc (7-8): 1. Colt Rosentreter, Carlinville

51-65cc Beginner (7-11): 6. Dax Toberman, Waterloo

66-85cc (9-15): 5. Jake Frizzo, Mt. Olive

79-150cc Super Mini (9-15): 1. Reece Frankford, Carlinville

201cc-Open C: 1. Ryan Komor, Litchfield; 6. Cameron West, Nokomis 

30+ A: 3. Derek Toberman, Waterloo 

40+ A: 1. Brandon Frizzo, Mt. Olive 

40+ B: 3. Darold Johnson, Gillespie 

40+ C: 3. Jim Komor, Litchfield

60+: 2. Ken Matway, Gillespie; 3. Dave Suslee, Nokomis

85cc-Open B: 2. Collin Johnson, Gillespie; 4. Reece Frankford, Carlinville

98cc-Open A: 1. Jordan Emmons, Carlinville; 2. Blake Copeland, Morrisonville

June 13 at Belleville

0-51cc (4-6): 6. Ty Rosentreter, Carlinville

0-51cc (7-8): 6. Colt Rosentreter, Carlinville

51-65cc Beginner (7-11): 5. Dax Toberman, Waterloo; 6. Nolan Adams, Hillsboro; 7. Dawson Wise, Carlinville

79-150cc Super Mini (9-15): 3. Mason Wise, Carlinville

66-85cc (9-15): 2. Grayson Plowman, Waverly; 4. Rylan Wise, Carlinville; 6. Jake Frizzo, Mt. Olive

AA: 1. Lake Plowman, Waverly

30+ B: 1. Michael Robinson, Carlinville

40+ B: 2. Brandon Frizzo, Mt. Olive 

50+ B/C: Steve Pickerill, Harvel

40+ C: 1. Jim Komor, Litchfield

201cc-Open: 1. Ryan Komor, Litchfield

60+: 1. Ken Matway, Gillespie

98cc-Open: 1. Jeffrey Kaylor, Gillespie

85cc-Open B: 3. Reece Frankford, Carlinville; 5. Brayden Pickerill, Harvel


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