Local Racers Bring Home Hardware From Fox Valley


The weather was perfect and the trails were calling on July 31 and Aug. 1, as the Fox Valley Off Road Series held it’s third of four grand prix/hare scramble weekends.

Local riders would own the 65cc classes, with Hillsboro’s Grayson Lowe taking first in 65cc Beginner and Walshville’s Travis Lentz grabbing the top spot in the other 65cc class. Donnellson’s Cooper Duff usually can be found near the top with Lentz, but an accident kept him off the track for the rest of the day as he finished 10th.

Zach Duff, Cooper’s older brother, and Mitchell Lowe, Grayson’s older brother, both raced in the 12-29 C class, with Duff finishing sixth and Lowe taking 14th.

The parents also got involved in the racing as Ryan Duff was sixth in 40+ A and Alison Lentz was ninth in the women’s class.

Hare Scramble

Rested up and ready for more, success continued for the local riders during the hare scrambles on Aug. 1. Lentz picked up his second win of the weekend, completing six laps in 49:15 in the 65cc class. Cooper Duff rebounded from Saturday’s wreck to take second in 65cc, running five laps in 42:44, while Carlinville’s Rylan Wise was sixth.

Morrisonville’s Jhak Walker also picked up a win, running nine laps in 1:48:02 to take the top spot. Gillespie’s Collin Johnson would be close behind in fourth, while Carlinville’s Nathan Dyer was seventh.

Litchfield’s Ryan Komor remained hot with another win in the 201-Open C class, running a time of 1:31:47 for seven laps. His dad, Jim, also competed, taking 12th in the 40+ division.

In addition to the winners, several other riders also did well. Carlinville’s Jordan Emmons was third in 98-Open A, while Mt. Olive’s Brandon Frizzo and Gillespie’s Darold Johnson were third and fourth in 40+B. In the other adult classes, Mason Wise of Carlinville was seventh in 98-Open C, while Ken Matway of Gillespie and Dave Suslee of Nokomis were sixth and 11th in the 60+ class.

In the youth classes, Dawson Wise of Carlinville was sixth in 65cc Beginner, while Grayson Lowe was eighth. Jake Frizzo of Mt. Olive was 15th in 85cc, while Ty Rosentreter of Carlinville was 11th in 50cc Junior.

The next grand prix/hare scramble races at Fox Valley will be Sept. 25-26. The August race was also part of the WFO Hare Scramble Series, which will continue on Sept. 19, in Mt. Pleasant, IA.

July 31-Aug. 1 at Wedron

Fox Valley Off Road 

Grand Prix

65cc Beginner: 1. Grayson Lowe (Hillsboro)

65cc: 1. Travis Lentz (Walshville); 10. Cooper Duff (Donnellson)

12-29 C: 6. Zach Duff (Donnellson); 14. Mitchell Lowe (Hillsboro)

40+ A: 6. Ryan Duff (Donnellson)

Women: 9. Alison Lentz (Walshville)

Hare Scrambles

50cc Junior: 11. Ty Rosentreter (Carlinville) 35:03, 7 laps.

65cc Beginner: 6. Dawson Wise (Carlinville) 43:51, 12 laps; 8. Grayson Lowe (Hillsboro) 44:04, 12 laps.

65cc: 1. Travis Lentz (Walshville) 49:15, 6 laps; 2. Cooper Duff (Donnellson) 42:44, 5 laps; 6. Rylan Wise (Carlinville) 52:06, 5 laps.

85cc: 15. Jake Frizzo (Mt. Olive), 54:10, 5 laps.

98-Open A: 3. Jordan Emmons (Carlinville) 1:50:27, 9 laps.

98-Open B: 1. Jhak Walker (Morrisonville) 1:48:02, 9 laps; 4. Collin Johnson 1:55:33, 9 laps; 7. Nathan Dyer (Carlinville) 1:48:21, 8 laps.

40+ B: 3. Brandon Frizzo (Mt. Olive) 1:55:28, 8 laps; 4. Darold Johnson (Gillespie)1:54:35, 8 laps.

201-Open C: 1. Ryan Komor (Litchfield) 1:31:47, 7 laps.

98-Open C: 7. Mason Wise (Carlinville) 1:40:00, 7 laps.

40+: 12. Jim Komor (Litchfield) 1:39:07, 6 laps.

60+: 6. Ken Matway (Gillespie) 1:39:55, 7 lap; 11.Dave Suslee (Nokomis) 1:31:19, 5 laps.


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