Local Artists Showcased At Old Settlers


The basement of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was once again transformed into a gallery showcasing the work of local artists for the 2021 Old Settlers Art Show.

The annual art show officially opened at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 4, with a critique of the work submitted. Best of Show awards went to Maia Moranville in Photography for her photo “Electric Foilage,” Raven Lawson in 3-d Crafts for her “Wedding Dress” and Michelle Weitekamp in Fine Art for her painting “Study of Boy with Basket of Fruit.” Rachel Beckett judged the fine arts categories while Sarah Marley judged the photography entries.

The exhibit was filled with paintings, prints, mixed media pieces, ceramic pieces, glass work, sculptures, crafts and drawings, jewelry and horticulture. All of the work will be on display at the church until the end of Old Settlers.

Winners in the art show per category are as follows.


Preschool through Kindergarten: first, Nora Rupert, “Cat”; second, Nora Rupert, “Fish”; third, Carson Woods, “Baby Yoda.” Honorable mentions went to James McLaughlin, “Red, White and Blue,” Nora Ruppert, “Under the Dark Sea,” Marlee Wrachford, “Rainbow,” Easton Cole, “Flower,” and “My Mom,” and Charlotte Herschelman, “Ariel.” 

First through Third Grades: first, Zian Ellis, “Space”; second, Mandy Putnam, “Mascara Girl”; third Zian Ellis, “Happy Frog.” Honorable mentions went to Isabel McLaughlin, “The 4 Seasons,” Otto Lee, “Dino Guinea,” Colton Christian, “Sonic,” Lorelei Floerchinger, “Frozen Wish Wolf” and Nightmare Doom Wolves,” Maddy Putnam, “My Shoe,” Edward Longwell, “Nine Tails,” Alexis Young, “Serval Cat,” Danica Longwell, “In Space,” and Abigail Young, “Red Barn.”

Fourth through Sixth Grades: first, Mila Rupert, “Cat”; second, Mila Rupert, “Pink Cat”; third, Aleyah Huber, “Cacti #1.” Honorable mentions went to Judah Lee, “Self Portrait Transformed,” Elaina Kenny, “One in a Melon,” Luci VanGiesen, “Seeing Stars,” Karsyn Adams, “Name Art Karsyn,” Fallon Knodle, “Birch Winter,” Mila Ruppert, “Sand Piper,” and Mila Ruppert, “Full Moon.”

Seventh through Ninth Grades: first, Mette Lee, “Blue and the Midnight Raid”; second, Mette Lee, “2021”; third, Seth Hubert, “Slaying Dragon.” Honorable mentions went to Jossalyn Kimbro, “Untitled,” Eli Howard, “Abe,” Frankie Huber, “Floating Island,” Mel Robinson, “Dakota,” Bond Knodle, “Two Fish,” Bella Robinson, “Bubble Boy,” Bella Richardson, “Reaper of the West,” and Austin Davis, “Mama and Me.”

Tenth through Twelfth Grades: first, Damon Stanberry, “Head in the Clouds”; second, Damon Stanberry, “Pansy of a Man”; third, Elena Wilson, “Clouds N Stuff.” Honorable mentions went to   Haley Major,” The Meshed Journey,” Josie Havens, “Body Positivity,” Heidi McDonald, “Dead Pool,” Hellen Curry, “Mystery,” and Abigail Carlock, “Bookshelf.”


Painting: first, Joyce Bishop, “Sunlight and Shadow on Aging Barn”; second, Teresa Pritchard, “Fall Field”; third, Joyce Bishop, “Croton in the Son.” Honorable mentions went to Teresa Pritchard, “Grateful,” and Miranda Fair, “Wired Painting.”

Drawing: first, Madison Klump, “Knowledge”; second, Lissie Dixon, “Rio West”; third, Lissie Dixon, “A Fog of People.” Honorable mentions went to Lissie Dixon for her pieces, “A Great Big Century” and “A Vision.”

Adult 2-d Miscellaneous: first, Mark Rudis, “Erwesto”; second, Torri, “Turtle.”

Adult Crafts: first, Aye Hsay Tar Tun “Calm Tea”; second, Brianne Hubbart, “Relief Ostrich”; third, Terry Page, “French Angel Fish.” Honorable mentions went to Henry McDonald, “Grandma and Grandpa Swing” and Debra Williams, “Cross.” 


Student Photography-Kindergarten through Sixth Grades: first, Aleyah Huber, “Face Smashed on the Printer”; second, “Edward Longwell, “Tiger Flower”; third, Audry Billington, “Checkmate.” Honorable mentions went to Lucas Spellbring, “Flower 1,” Fallon Knodle, “Succulent,” Otto Lee, “Shade Change,” Memphis Putnam, “DQ,” Easton Cole, “Grandma’s Flower,” Creedance Hubbart, “Throwing Rocks,” and Davin Hubbart, “Sunset for the Trees.”

Student Photography - Seventh through Twelfth Grades: first, Seth Hubbart, “Sunset”; Bond Knodle, “Tractor at Sunset”; and Haley Major, “Breathtaking.”

Adult Photography - Scenic: first, Maia Moranville, “Reflection”; second, Kaitlyn Jachino “Gulf Shores Pier”; third, Diane Singler, “Grand Prismatic Spring.” Honorable mentions went to Allan Spellbring, “Mansion at Eden Garden” and Niki Moranville, “Drawing a Line in the Sand.”  

Adult Photography- People: first, Maia Moranville, “Confident”; second, Kyle Herschelman, “Triple Charley”; third, David Beal, “Is it Play Time or Work Time.” Honorable mentions went to Connie Mills, “Having Fun” and Mary Herschelman, “Willy Worm.” 

Adult Photography - Miscellaneous: first, Maia Moranville, “Censorship”; second, Mike Dagen, “Haggis”; third, Jennifer Lessman, “Ruben Reading the Bible.” Honorable mention went to Abigail Dixon for “Whats Moisable to the Eye.”  

Adult Photography - Close Up: first, Heather Hampton+Knodle, “Frosted Sunrise”; second, Niki Moranville, “Zen Garden”; third, Debra Williams, “Hummingbard.” Honorable mentions went to Ben Fiore, “Hamaris Diffinis” and Kristy DeLuka, “A Beauty at Hillsboro Country Club.”

Adult Photography- Montgomery County: first, Heather Hampton+Knodle, “Country Road”; second, Kaitlyn Jachino, “Fireworks Over Lake Glenn Shoals”; third, Diane Singler, “Deer Run Mine.” Honorable mentions went to  Abigail Dixon, “Victorian Springtime” and Allen Spellbring, “Fall Colors at Bremers,”

Adult Photography - Objects: first, Niki Moranville, “Art Matters”; second, Bill Kenny, “Rollo Willkommen II”; third, Niki Moranville, “Great Escape.” Honorable mentions went to Bill Kenny for his pieces, “Rollo Willkommen I” and Gust Off White Sand NM.” 


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