Litchfield Residents Are Eligible For Free Alarms


HSHS St. Francis Hospital, Litchfield Fire Department, the State Fire Marshall and the not-for-profit Illinois Fire Safety Alliance are partnering to offer no-cost fire alarms to residents of Litchfield.

The “Be Alarmed! Smoke Alarm Installation” program provides smoke alarms and fire prevention materials to Illinois fire departments to provide both fire safety education as well as life-saving devices for individual homes. Litchfield firefighter Mike Chappell applied for the program and leads it for the Litchfield Fire Department. At this time the smoke detectors, installation and education are only available to Litchfield residents.

“Our goal is to make sure residents have the protection of a smoke alarm and to subsequently reduce the number of fire-related injuries and deaths,” said Chappell. “Because smoke alarms alone won’t prevent every fire death, the program includes educational materials on how to create a home fire escape plan so people know what to do if their smoke alarm sounds.”

Residents receive installation of a ten-year concealed battery smoke alarm that ensures the power source cannot be removed from the unit. According to the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, the power source should last the life of the device as long as it is properly maintained. Informational smoke alarm pamphlets, home fire safety checklists and home fire escape plans will also be provided. COVID-19 safety precautions are being followed during installation.

According to St. Francis CEO Jim Timpe, “by providing information to patients during discharge from the hospital we hope to further identify and support at-risk homes in our community and connect them to the fire department and this program’s resources.”

For more information,  contact the Litchfield Fire Department at 217-324-8171 or


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