Litchfield Girls Fly High In Piasa Bird Country


The fewest points the Litchfield girls could have scored at Saturday’s Southwestern Invitational was five. The Lady Panthers scored eight.

That’s just how good the LHS girls were on Oct. 3, as they came away with the first place plaque at the tenth annual event at Southwestern High School. Alton Marquette would be second with 11 points, followed by South County with 12,  and Southwestern with 19.

The format of the race awarded points to runners by order of finish in their group, with the teams’ top runners in group one, the second fastest in group two, and so on.

Litchfield would have the fastest runner in their group in three of the five scoring groups. Delanie Ulrich would actually be Litchfield’s fastest runner on the day with a time of 21:18 on the 3.1 mile course to win the number two group. Ulrich’s time would be the second fastest overall behind Caroline Peters of South County, who ran a 20:38.

Kylee Eiting would win the number three girls group with a time of 21:48, while Madison Brakenhoff won the number five girls group with a time of 24:24.

Myka Fenton was the second Lady Panther to cross the finish line overall and was third in the number one group with a time of 21:36, while Karly Kruse was second in the number four group with a time of 24:01.

Outside of the scoring runners, Isabelle Murphy was second in the sixth group with a time of 25:52 for the Panthers.

The boys would run well too, on Saturday as 14 of the 16 Litchfield runners medalled on Saturday. The Panthers finished third overall as a team with 13 points, beating fourth place Marquette by seven. South County would be first with eight points, edging Jerseyville by one.

Three was the number of the day in the first three groups for the Panthers as Will Carlile, Camden Quarton and Gavin Thimsen all finished third in their respective collectives. Carlile ran a 17:44 to finish seventh overall (Jerseyville’s Griffin Williams won with a 16:40 in the number two group), while Quarton was just two seconds behind with a 17:46. Thimsen would run an 18:36 in his race.

Kevin Pollard and Sam Horn would break the streak in the number four and number five races as both finished second to runners from South County. Pollard ran an 18:22 in the number four group, while Horn ran an 18:32.

Eithen Rigsbey and Alex DeLaCruz continued that trend with second place finishes in the number six and number seven groups, while Brandon Malloy was first in the number eight group. Cy Cress and Peyton Baugher also ran, finishing fourth and fifth in the number eight group.

Litchfield will try to continue their success in Macoupin County on Tuesday, Oct. 6, as they run at Carlinville against the host Cavies, Southwestern, Pana, Greenville, Staunton and Hillsboro.

October 3 at Brighton

Southwestern Invite

Girls Team Standings: 1. Litchfield 8, 2. Alton Marquette 11, 3. South County 12, 4. Southwestern 19.

Litchfield Girls: Myka Fenton 21:36; Delanie Ulrich 21:18; Kylee Eiting 21:48; Karly Kruse 24:01; Madison Brakenhoff 24:24; Isabelle Murphy 25:52.

Boys Team Standings: 1. South County 8, 2. Jerseyville 9, 3. Litchfield 13, 4. Alton Marquette 20.

Litchfield Boys: Will Carlile 17:44; Camden Quarton 17:46; Gavin Thimsen 18:36; Kevin Pollard 18:22; Sam Horn 18:32; Eithen Rigsbey 19:53; Alex DeLaCruz 22:11; Brandon Malloy 19:05; Cy Cress 25:09; Peyton Baugher 27:42.


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