Letters To The Editor: Put Student Wellbeing Into Context


As the smaller communities lose resources to grow economically, the larger communities look to see what is left to scavenge for their own personal gain. 

At this time Sorento has little value to Bond County and Greenville other than tax dollars and value of the Sorento School. The sole purpose of closing Sorento School and moving the kids to Greenville is to redirect the funding of the school to Greenville.

It has already been established that most of the parents in Sorento want to keep the school open. The students are excelling in this small school environment. Would a move to larger classes benefit any of the students in the school district?

Greenville should look to Sorento as the model in which to build their academic success in the other schools in the district. It is time the school board hears the people and not the jingle of money in the Greenville coffers.

First and foremost, the success of the students should be our first objective.  The school board needs to explain how this benefits the students and the community.  They need to show this isn’t about money and is in the best interest of the town of Sorento and the families involved. 

Please take the business side out of this for a second and put the students’ well-being into context when making decisions.

Carl Voyles



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