Letter To The Editor: So Easy To Take Water For Granted


It was Monday morning, May 4, when my wife called me to the utility room to show me the reduced water flow in the sink. 

Suspecting a possible problem in the water system, we began filling jugs with water just in case. Sure enough, the water soon stopped flowing. 

I called Mike Renfro at the water plant and he said he suspected a leak somewhere. Not long afterwards, Commissioner Don Downs rang our door bell to be sure we knew about the leak and to caution us that there might be a boil order once repairs were made. 

The efficient, hard-working public utilities guys had the repairs finished somewhere between 11:30 and 11:45 and the water flowed once again. 

A big thank you to everyone in the water department and city who got things moving so quickly. It is so easy to take some “ordinary” things for granted, isn't it? But an abundant, dependable supply of pure, fresh water is a huge blessing that we should thank the Lord for every day, especially when much of the world struggles to find water. Many people get their water from local streams or rivers, Jesus wells or other wells, sand filters or rain water, and much of that water contains deadly, life-threatening pathogens. All it takes is to turn on a faucet and get nothing but air coming out to remind us how thankful we should be for the blessing of fresh water we have on a daily basis.

David and Patricia Pence



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