Let’s Build Up Our Communities And Each Other


Spring is near and people will start to venture outdoors.

With the past year bringing COVID-19 and keeping everyone confined to their homes, fresh air and sunlight will be truly welcomed. 

One thing that this pandemic has taught me is to be more aware of my fellow man.

I presently live in a small community where businesses have left in the past and therefore jobs left with them. It has at times become hard for people to keep up with their homes and yards and the community has gone through some rough times.  Almost like how depression is in a person, one just thinks, “what’s the use?”

Well, back to spring and COVID. What if we take the time and effort this year to rebuild our communities? Encourage each other, reach out a hand to help (without always having to be paid) and work together to bring life back to our communities–a safe, clean place where we are proud to live and we look out for one another.

I personally have had enough of being isolated from my family and my friends. What I have realized is that we cannot do life alone; sometimes we just need to know that someone out there cares. Let’s build up our communities and each other.


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